What Are Youtube Strikes? And How to Prevent Your Account?

So welcome friends to askmepost ( you ask i post ) blog. And in this blog i want to share, what are youtube strikes? And how to prevent your account? In my previous article i shared How to Start Video Calling From Whatsapp so visit there because today whatsapp is the world’s largest website after facebook. So that all mean whatsapp is the largest social media and largest users in the world. Whatsapp not only available in android but it is also available for desktop user like pc laptop and mac.

Youtube Strikes

So today my post for youtubers and newbies who want to become a professional vloggers. Vloggers and yotubers are the same. But first you need to upload videos in the website and also post videos regularly because this is the work of vlogger so become a professional vlogger then you need to do this first. Also you need to follow the seo to increase more views.

what are youtube strikes? And how to prevent your account?

Youtube Strikes

Information and prevention of youtube strikes

So let’s start the game. So first i want to tell you detailed information about strikes. You have 3 strikes per 3 month and if you use it then your account will be terminated. So you need to follow community guideline and copyright guideline. If strike issued then when you login in to your youtube channel then you can see the message and your video automatically removed.

So after that you have only two strikes if you again break the terms of youtube then you can’t upload video for two week and after that you will break the rule third time then  your adsense account wil terminated so you should be careful from that types of content. So here is the some suggestion for you that yu need to read first.

  • Do not copy the background music and the footage from any of video or website.
  • Do not add more than two tags and always add only related tags. And do not write more long unnatural description because it will be causal of our first strike so just be careful.
  • You cannot provide unrelated links in description so also keep this thing in your mind.


Anyway this is the details of terms of youtbe community guidelines and copyright guide lines so you need to follow it. Provide perfect guidelines for your audience because it is also best for your video marketing.

This guidelines are not a bad for you but it was a great because it will help you to earn more money. Now you say we are not fool and how? And the answer is google wants perfect and high quality content and if you provide that then this is not only good for google but it is also best thing for you  because you will get more audience.

Because audience needs high quality content and helpful content so also thats all mean you will get a benefit and remember always provide content fro help people not for money if audience like you after you will earn money otherwise you are just wasting your time. So i hope you understand the community guideline and copyright  guideline.

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Last words


So friends this is the information of what are youtube strikes? And how to prevent your account? And if you not understand yet then i said you again that leave a comment or contact us from below. Share this article on social media. you can use facebook , whatsapp , twitter , isntagram , linkedin , reddit , dig , stumble open  , medium , tumblr , pinterest and google plus. Thank you all visitors and readers keep visiting and keep reading. Have a nice day good bye.

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