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How to Write SEO Rich Articles For Blog/Website

The most important factor that you must consider if you want to make your Blog a successful one is getting some organic traffic to your blog.

How to Write SEO Rich Articles For Blog/Website

SEO Rich Articles

There are many sites available that offer a good position in Google for some amount. However, we don’t think that it is necessary that you pay someone for it. You can do this yourself as well. You just have to keep the following tips in mind.

Knowing the Difference between Post Title and Meta Title

It is generally seen that most of the Bloggers use the same title for both the Post title and the Meta title. The title which is visible to your readers is known as the Post title where as Meta title is the one which is visible to the other Search Engines. You should use keywords with less competition in both the Post title and the Meta title. You should try to keep both titles different but at the same time, the titles should be keyword rich. This will help you in bringing your article at the top position in search results because of the keywords used in both the titles.
Recently we saw a guest post on a Blog titled as “Simple ways to do SEO Quick”. According to you is it a Search Engine Optimized title? No, it is not definitive. In such a condition you shouldn’t mind changing the title much as it might be according to the content and the content. Hence you can change the title as “4 Simple SEO Tips to Rank Higher in Search results”. This will show you some improved results in the search. So, this is how the keywords used in both the titles will help you rank better.

Selecting the Appropriate Keywords

It is generally observed that entering the Meta keywords will help you more. You must concentrate more and foremost on having the keyword density. Keyword density is basically the number of times the keyword is repeated on a particular page. For some help, you can take the help of the Google Adwords tool to select the keywords for your content. But if using that does not help you much, then you should consider yourself impersonating as the person searching on Google and then you should think about what you will type in the Google Search to reach the article that you want to optimize. You must try to use long term keywords. For the example that we have mentioned before, this is how you can classify the keywords for the article:

  • Bad Keywords: SEO, SEO tips, Search Engine Optimization, Quick SEO
  • Good Keywords: Rank higher in search results, basic search engine optimization tips, quick SEO techniques.

As you can observe above that you should always try to use keywords with a long tail. You should try to introduce these keywords in the first 4-5 lines of the post as they are the most important lines of the article. You can also enter the same keyword in the Meta keywords as well. The more the number of times you repeat the keywords the better your ranking in search results will become. But this might also reduce the quality of your post. This is up to you to decide whether you want to write for the search engines or for the readers. If you are a really good writer, then you might be able to do the both of these things in the same article.

Removing the Stop Words from Permalinks

The default permalink gets derived from the post title as you start to write a post. For the article example mentioned above, the permalink would be in the form such as /simple-ways-to-do-so-quick/.This permalink will not be optimized for Search Engines as it has the stop words like simple, ways, to and does. Almost all the words used here are stop words. Hence you should remember to remove such stop words for your article.

Trying to Use some Better Image Alt Attribute

Trying to use some better image alt attribute is something which will prove to be the most useful for your blog. The name of the image and the alt attribute are the most important things in SEO. Using an image with alt attribute on your post will give you as many visits from Search Engine as entering the keywords within the article or in the post title will get you. You can the Search Impressions and Number of Clicks on your post using the Webmaster tools.

Interlinking – Must Have in Rich Articles

The next important thing will be the Interlinking. Generally, you can use Insights plugin to interlink the content of your blog. You should try not to interlink the content of your blog with the words such as “here” or “click here”. You must try to interlink the keywords that are within the articles. This will tell Google about what the page linked is about. Hence the anchor text of your article usually forms a keyword for the linked page.

You can also try using proper H1, H2 and H3 tags for your article.

Final Conclusion:

I hope the above-mentioned points will help you in writing SEO rich posts for your blog. A few points apart from the above-mentioned points which can prove to be an important factor is the number of pages which have been indexed by Google from your site.

You must have at least 100 posts on your Blog for it to rank better in Search results. Try to keep the content original and unique if you want your blog to rank better. If you publish news, then you can also submit your articles to Google News and then if your article is unique, you can expect a thousand of visitors from Google News in a single day on your blog.

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