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WhatsApp Status: Here’s Why People Are Scared Of This Feature

Hello there and welcome to the askmepost ( you ask I post ) blog and here I want to share something new and that is WhatsApp Status: Here’s Why People Are Scared Of This Feature and will tell why people afraid from this feature so keep your mind here to read latest information about this feature. But first you need to visit my previous article, Good Friday Messages || Beautiful Text Messages of Good Friday 2017 and if you are festival lover then you should visit there because I have shared lots of information about the festival of good Friday.


Anyway after you read that post then come on this article and then read this because this is the best information for you. today everyone using whatsapp and ninety percent people have android phone and approx. seventy percent people are using whatsapp and this is the biggest question why people scared from this new feature what is the reason and if you want to know the truth and the main reason

WhatsApp Status: Here’s Why People Are Scared Of This Feature


New feature truth of whatsapp : you should read it if you are whatsapp user

Anyway I want to talk about this feature because this feature is biggest updates of whatsapp yet. This feature available for all version like windows , os and windows. So I hope you are ready to use this feature many people facing a problem that how to use this feature and scared that this feature is work or not so if you have same problem then you need to read this information carefully.

You know now you cannot use status in whatsapp but some system changed and this is the biggest and effected changes and many people don’t like it. May this will affect the users of whatsapp. Now you cannot past text status but you can share some images and gifs and videos as a status.

This feature you can see middle of whatsapp application. And you can see the statuses of your friends and contacts. If you want to reply any statuses then you need to touch on that program and then you need to comment below.  And then you can see the reply and comments in chat.

If you want to post status then you need to click on my status otherwise click on beside button of plus. This is the circle button that usable for post a status. But remember you cannot post text status.

Your status message will gone after twenty four hour. Also if you need to delete sttus then click on three dot option then click and hold for some time on status then select delete option.

You need to access the privacy option after you click on three dotes option and you need to cover your privacy and save your private information.

  • Share with contacts : you can shRE YOUR STATUS WITH YOUR ALL CONTACTS by this feature if you select it then then it will appear to all.
  • Share with contacts but exclude: in thisyou can share your status with your contacts but you can remove some people. So you can share status with selected contacts.
  • Share with only few: you can share status with only important contacts and selected contacts. But it is little different then second option.


So if you are scared from whatsapp status feature then you need to read this post at least one time.  I am sure after you read this post you will forget about all problems and issues and confusions.


so friends I hope you understand information and read the post of WhatsApp Status: Here’s Why People Are Scared Of This Feature and if you want to kore information like this then you should visit our previous post of tips and tricks. If you have any question then leave a comment below and also you can send us to message just go to contact us form and then enter your name and email address then type your message in detail then send it to us. We will reply you soon please share this article on social media. You can use many social media website to share this post because sharing is caring. Thank you all readers and visitors keep visiting and keep reading. Thank you and have a nice day.

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