How To Tips On Social Bookmarking For SEO Benefits

If you are an SEO professional or working in the SEO area, then I am sure you know about social bookmarking and its importance. Social bookmarking has been one of the most commonly done SEO activities for the past several years. Whatever the reason, but we should not overlook bookmarking for better blog optimization.

Whatever the reason, but we should not overlook bookmarking for the better blog. optimization.You can add some prefix and suffix with your main keyword to make the title a little different for each submission.

Today in this post we will discuss what social bookmarking is, how it works in SEO and its benefits. social bookmarking experts have used social in their SEO plans for various projects. See some tips and tricks about using bookmarking for SEO benefits.

How To Tips On Social Bookmarking

What exactly is Social Bookmarking?

Do you know what a social bookmark is? From where was the concept of social bookmarking invented? If you do not know, then I’m telling you. It is a social other intelligent they have website bookmarking favorite online social-bookmarking, so if they have anyhow ko Nneka Eda with real theme anytime and the internet anywhere.

  1. In fact, social bookmarking is similar to bookmarking a few pages in your web browser. Whenever you like some pages while reading something on the Internet, you bookmark that page, whenever it is needed to read it later.
  2. This same concept is used in social bookmarking. All social bookmarking websites on the internet are used to bookmark some important WebPages, which a user would like to store them elsewhere to read them.
  3. A user must have a web page and a link to its title to bookmark a web page. Tags and descriptions are optional on most websites
  4. Social bookmarking is preferred on browser bookmarks because the web browser’s history is deleted; due to the formatting of system or system crash and many others, users can easily lose pages containing bookmarks from a web browser.
  5. Bookmarks on the Internet are more secure because we can bookmark our favorite WebPages on various secure and well-managed websites.

 How Can We Use Social Bookmarking for SEO Benefits?

Now, the next question is how we can use this social bookmarking feature for SEO campaigns. There are many activities on the Internet that were not started for SEO, but today we are using those activities for SEO benefits. The best part is that most of these activities work well for SEO and social, one of them.

Here are some points of why social bookmarking can be used for SEO planning.

  1. Search engines always want to distribute the most updated results for their users. The bookmarking website is one of the best sources of search engine for getting newly updated data on the World Wide Web.

2 .Many social bookmarking websites offer Do Follow back links for various bookmarks. This means that whenever a search engine crawls a social bookmarking website, it will also crawl the targeting websites.

  1. If you have a strong profile on social websites, you will get more shares and visits for your bookmarks. This way you can get direct traffic from different bookmarking websites on your website.
  2. As we all know, there should be some quality back links to get a better position in the SERP. Social bookmarking websites are the best destination for some quality post print for target websites.

Target More Do Follow Websites

Here we are talking about using social bookmarking for SEO benefits, so the first tip I would recommend is to focus more on Do Follow websites for bookmarking activities.

Do bookmarking websites redirect search social-bookmarking-sites-list engines to crawl your targeted website? This way you can make your website more suited to search engines.

There are many Do Follow websites on the internet; you can use to make social bookmarks. One of the best names to come in mind, Tumbler is one of the best websites which you can use for bookmarking to earn stable and relevant Do Follow back links.

Complete your Profile on Social Bookmarking Sites

When using social bookmarking for SEO, we are one of the most common SEO mistakes; we sign up on bookmarking sites with e-mail and password and start linking.

This mistake needs to be addressed because the incomplete profile social bookmarking on social bookmarking websites will do the same as you create an incomplete resume on the job search website.

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Whenever you are choosing a website to social bookmark, the first step should be to complete your profile with each and every possible potential does not ignore optional fields that we do fill out all the information whether it is mandatory or optional.

Limits your Total Number of Social Bookmarking

This is one of the most common questions that there are no standard limits for social bookmarking at a time, how many bookmarks should I have to make, because social bookmarking was not search for SEO.

Most SEO experts suggest that social bookmarking for one website is limited to 10 to 20 in a week.Another thing is that these 10 to 20 bookmarks should be done on different websites. This means in 1 week you should book a single web page of the website at 10 to 20 different social bookmarking websites.

Do not Use the Same Description for Every Submission

I have my own experience of working in an SEO company, so I know that most SEO companies use written details once for each social bookmarking submission. The creation of the SEO link is completely incorrect and is not acceptable at all. See also these SEO myths and ways to avoid them.

Search engines are very specific for duplicate data, whether it is a description of the main website’s content or written for social bookmarking submissions. The search engine is very smart to find out that someone is doing social bookmarking for SEO benefits only and it can be important for a website.

Use fresh, unique and cleverly written descriptions for every social bookmarking. You should try to include your targeted keywords in the description but in a smooth and natural way.

Don’t use the Same Title for Every Bookmarking Submission

Whenever we bookmark a web page, we have to put a title on that web page. Most of what we do, we present the main keyword for each bookmark.

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Now it’s time to change the norms that work. The best part is that you can use a different title for each bookmarking submission.

For example, you have a web page about “Home Remedies for Cold” and you want to bookmark this web page on 5 different social bookmarking sites websites. You can use the given headings as per the following points.

  1. Best Home Remedies for Cold
  2. Home Remedies for Cold and Cough
  3. Home Remedies for Cold by Experts
  4. Natural Home Remedies for Could
  5. Suggest Me Some Home Remedies for Cold

As you can see in the given points, all the titles are different and unique and their main keywords are also.

Pick Up the Relevant and Stable Websites for Social Bookmarking

Today, bookmarking is one of the most us SEO activities; this is the reason why you can find thousands of social bookmarking websites on the internet. Most of these websites are specially design for SEO benefits only, at a time when social for SEO on these websites could have boosted the ranking for a website, but today the SEO factor has chang completely.

Search engines are completely ignoring these social bookmarking sites websites if we go ahead to social bookmarking on these irrelevant websites, it can also be important for the website.

To make social bookmarking, try to use only and only the most relevant, stable and most important, high PR websites.

What you can do, first create a list of top social bookmarking websites and then use them to submit your links to these relevant websites. Sometimes we also face a problem when we have these popular and there is no other link to offer on static websites. Only in this situation should you consider other bookmarking websites for SEO purpose. In this case, you should try to find some good PR. Follow social websites to bookmark.

Try to build your own Community over Social Bookmarking Websites

Do not just socialize for SEO purpose or social search for search engines. Try to be more realistic on bookmarking websites.

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Try on various bookmarking websites and create your own community. You can take the first step, follow the other users from the same niche and do so and share your bookmarks. You can also ask them some questions about your presentation and try to convince them to share your bookmarks.

Submit your Bookmarks in Right Category

Whenever you submit your web page to bookmarking websites for SEO benefits. Always remember to select the right category for your submission.

What we mostly do, we put our bookmarks in some easily available categories like News, Health, and Technology. Remember that all these categories are very common in social bookmarking websites. So you will lose your chances to be in front of everyone.

Take some time and search for the appropriate category for your web page. This will not only help search engines but will also help members of your community to easily find your presentations.

Don’t Ignore the Keywords and Tags

While bookmarking WebPages do not ignore the importance of tags and keywords, whenever a user searches for some relevant keyword. These social bookmarking sites keywords and tags can do wonders to display your presentations.

Also, do not restrict yourself using only targeted keywords Remember; keyword variation is essential for bookmarking activity. You can use both high and low competitive keywords for social bookmark submission. Just include your main keyword in the middle of the other keyword.

Don’t use the Auto Update Social Bookmarking Tools

I know that there are many SEO organizations that are using various online social bookmarking sites tools to book an automatic bookmark for SEO projects.

This practice is completely wrong if you are one of them, so please stop doing this. Always display social bookmarks manually, so it seems more natural and more acceptable for search engines.

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