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Take More Flexible Screenshots with Snipping Tool on Windows 10

There are plenty of ways to take screenshots in Windows 10. Now, physical button combo for window laptops is a new trend in the marketplace. Other famous options such as print screen key have been used for many years. However, many Windows laptop users do not know that the operating system has a handy utility for taking screenshots called as Snipping Tool. This tool allows for the creation and annotation of screenshots in a much better way. Here, you can see how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 10.

Use snipping tool to capture screenshots

Use snipping tool to capture screenshots:

The snipping tool has been a part of Windows operating system over many years. This amazing tool included first in Windows Vista. Sometimes, it is very easy to make copy of something by taking a snapshot of the screen. This is what snipping tool does now. You can save and share it with others. Using the tool, you can capture all or some part of your PC screen. Even you can save snip, add notes, and email it from the windows tool. Check out below how to screenshot on laptop hp of the following snips types.

Use snipping tool to capture screenshots


Free-form snip – You need to draw a free-form shape around the object

Rectangular snip – you have to drag cursor around the object to from a shape of Rectangular

Full-screen snip – using this, you can capture the entire screen

Window snip – In that, you have to select a window like a browser window or dialog box, which you want to capture.

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After capturing a snip, it automatically copied to the snipping tool window where you can edit, save or share. Following procedure show how to screenshot on hp stream laptop.

Ways to take a screenshot on Windows 8:

When compared with Windows 10, Windows 8 follows the same manner to take a screenshot. However, follow below steps how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 8. You need to swipe in from the right edge of the screen and then tap search. In that, type snipping tool and select it from the result.

Tips on taking a screenshot on Windows 10:

Tips on taking a screenshot on Windows 10

When you have Windows 10 laptop, follow these steps how to screenshot on hp laptop windows 10. First, you need to select the start button and type snipping tool in the search box on the taskbar. Then you have to select snipping tool from the result list. In Windows 10, snipping tool has a new delay option that allows you capture screenshots tooltips and pop-up menus. To use this option, you have to simply open the snipping tool and click delay. After that, click on the number of seconds from the drop-down list.  Now, choose the type of snip, which you want using the arrow button. Not like a regular snap, the screen will not immediately fade out instead of that you have 1 to 5 seconds. Hence, based on the delay you select you can set up your screenshots.

How to capture snip using snipping tool:

In the snipping tool, you need to select mode (in older version of tool, you have to select the arrow next to the new button), choose the type of snip that you want to take, and then choose the area of your computer screen, which you want to capture.

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Capture a snip of a menu:

  • Once you open a snipping tool, you need to open the menu, which you want a picture of. Note: when you are using Windows 7, simply press the ESC key before opening the menu
  • After that, you need to press Ctrl + PrtScn keys. This helps you capture the whole screen that includes the open menu
  • Finally, select the mode, choose the kind of snip you want, and then choose the area of the screen that you want to capture.

How to edit a snip:

Once you capture a snip, you can either write or draw on or around it using the pen or highlighter buttons. Even you can erase the line that you have drawn using the eraser.

How to save a snip:

  • After capturing a snip, you have to select the save snip button or simply Ctrl + S to save snip
  • In the Save As box, you must type a file name, type, and location. Once you entered all details, select the save button

Ways to remove URL:

  • When you capture a snip from browser window, the snip saves as an HTML file and URL also appears below the snip. In order to prevent URL from appearing, follow below steps.
  • Select the options button in the snipping tool
  • In the snipping tools option box, you need to clear Include URL below strips (HTML only) check box and select ok.

How to share a snip:

Once you capture a snip, you can send it to others by selecting arrow next to the Send Snip button.

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Shortcuts to use in snipping tool:

Alt + M   – choose a snipping mode

Alt + N    -create a new snip in the same mode as the previous one

Alt + D    -delay capture by 1-5 seconds

Ctrl +       -save the snip


Hence, by reading this post you can easily take a screenshot on your Windows 10 HP laptop with the help of snipping tool.

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