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How to Start Video Calling From Whatsapp

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Start Video Calling

Today whatsapp is the biggest social media network. After facebook, wahtsapp is growing very well. 90 percent android users are using whatsapp. Wahtsapp is the mobile android application but now whatsapp also available for mac , computer and laptop because you can use it by simply registration with your mobile. Anyway read details from below to learn more about whatsappp video calling features usage.

how to start video calling from whatsapp

Process to start video call in whatsapp

Are you tried whatsapp video calling? But the truth is many people do not know about how to start whatsapp video calling. You are chatting and messaging with your friends event you are sharing audio and video files with friends and groups. Whatsapp user knows that how to call free with your contacts and group calling too but today i want to share the tutorial of how to start video call easily.

So friends these are the tutorial about whatsapp video calling:

Step 1 : – first you need to download third party app from google app store.

Step 2 :  – you need to download booyah video chat for whatsapp application from adroid application store. So search it on google play store.

Step 3 : – after downloading complete install it and then open it.

Step 4 : – after you installation you need to provide your mobile number. Then click on start now ! option.

Start Video Calling

Step 5 :  – then there appear the link and then share it.

Step 6 : – you know this is the terms and condition of booyah so you need to must share it in whatsapp.

Step 7 :  – now which contact wants to call to you they will get a notification.

Step 8 :  – now when your contact partner answer then it will appear a screen. And then you can start video calling with your contact partner.

So friends enjoy whatsapp video call by this feature.  Don’t forget to install that third party whatsapp app.  And if you do not know then read this post again.  Whatsapp video calling is easy but still mkany people don’t now about it so i have shared this tutorial only fro our readers who are newbie.

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This is the information ABOUT how to start video calling from whatsapp and i hope you enjoyed that. So leave a comment below to ask question or discuss any topic with use you can also contact us from below just go to the contact us and then full name and email address and then type your question in detail then send it to us. We will reply you soon. Share this article on social media. you can use whatsapp , facebook , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , digg , stumble open , medium , tumlr , pinterest and google plus. Thank you all visitors and readers keep visiting and keep reading.

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