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In our previous post I shared how to create free android and earn money. And in this post I want to share Seoprofiler review 2017. There are many tools for link building but Seoprofiler is totally free and easy seo program. If you want to get authority for your blog, you need to start a link building because without backlinks, your blog will not get high rank in search engine.


There are two types of seo one is an on page seo and other is an off page seo and both seo are recommend seo. If you will add some links to your niche related high authority blog, your blog get high traffic easily from search because link building is the biggest part of off page seo optimization.

Some people start the blog and only writing posts every day but do not understand backlinks so they will fail. You need to share post everyday and make some links in another blog with keyword for that post so you can get traffic easily. And it is best method to get high ranking.  Here I teach how to build links easily.  And I have searched best tool for you.

Seoprofiler review 2017

Seoprofiler is the best SEO tool also. Many people using this tool. You can make project and rank your keyword. You can check anchor text, total number of backlinks, trusted links, industry related links,  link influence score, anchor texts, country wise backlink report, link age,  subdomain and also you can download pdf file of any websites backlinks report.

You can see total number of no follow backlinks and do follow backlinks. So friends this is all facility available in linkprofiler of seoprofiler and this is totally free program. I think this is recommended tool for every newbie blogger.

How to use Seoprofiler for link building

Here I want to tell how to start link building with seoprofiler? You need to just find best high authority website and also it is must have niche related website to your’s.  Now what you do? Just go to Linkprofiler>backlink and enter the domain name of your competitor blog.  (important Notice: – first register on seoprofiler free account). And you can see number of backlinks of your competitor.

how to start link building

Now open every links of your competitor and start link building on it. After some days you can see awesome result. Your blog will rank high in search. But remember avoid spamming you can make daily 15 to 20 links only if you make more than that, may your blog will be penalized by Google penguin. So this is the very easy trick to get high ranking in Google and other search engines.

Anchor text is the most important factor in do follow backlink. If you build a link with anchor text with keyword then it will pass a link juice. So it is very important for you.

What is LIS in linkprofiler (seoprofiler)?

LSI means link influence score. The link influence score is calculated based on the quality and the number of links that point to a website.  The higher the quality of inbound links, the higher the link influence score. It ranges from 0 to 100%. But remember the low LIS does not necessarily mean that the backlink is bad.

If any links have a high LIS (link influence score) so that link is very good for high ranking. Anyway you can also see age of domain and you know old is gold, old domain rank better than the new domain.

What is anchor text & link destination and industry & context in linkprofiler

Below you can see detailed information about anchor text, link destination, and industry & context of link profiler (seoprofiler)

  • Anchor text and destination URL: the anchor text is the text that is used to the page and the link destination is the exact page of the analyzed page that is linked by the website.
  • Industry and link context: industry refers to the topic of the linking websites and the – means link profiler could not determine industry of the linking page. And the context refers to the topic of individual link. Clicking the column header sorts by destination URL.

Dear friends this is the detailed information about seoprofiler and link profiler. Now I hope you understand that how to start link building and how to get high rankling in search engine.


So friends you get detailed informaion of Seoprofiler review 2017. If you have any question then posts a comment below and please share this article on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linkedin, instagram, tumblr, pinterest and google plus because sharing is caring. Thank you and have a nice day.

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