Secret Tips Which Will Increase Your Phone Battery Life

Hey there welcome to the askmepost ( you ask i post ). Today i want to share with you great tip to increase your phone battery. In my previous article i shared How to Call Free Without Any Internet / Application and i hope you was read it carefully if not then read it now because this is most important method for newbie who wants to start free calling service and it is also useful for those who have needed urgent calling.


Anyway i know you were read many articles like this but this is something different AND secret tip to increase your battery life. This is not any difficult it is very easy and every mobile user can try it easily. In your mobile, Many Android application and programs running invisibly and you don’t know about it and those programs eat your battery life.

secret tips which will increase your phone battery life


so friends here are the tips of increase battery life read it:

1 – stop your vibration now

Ringing is good for your battery life then vibration. Vibration eats your battery very fast. So keep your mobile in general mode. Also off your mobile notification. just open your notification menu and then  click on vibrate and then your mobile goes to silent. So do not repeat this process and remove your phone from silent mode.

2 – Always off your buetooth and wifi

Sometime you forget about Bluetooth. many time i see in my friend circle, he does not off Bluetooth and forget about it so it will take more battery. You know better about Bluetooth. If you on your wifi without any reason then that is also dangerous for your battery life and reduce your battery in few time.

So just go to the setting and Bluetooth and select off Bluetooth and then go to the setting wifi and disable your wifi. So after these settings you can increase your battery life easily.  But when you need it then on it and use it and after use these programs off it immediately. So friends do not misuse any program because it is not good for your battery health.

3 – Use simple background wallpaper and low brightness

Sometime you are make high definition and high colour photograph as desktop wallpaper but it will reduce our battery life and also reduce your performance and speed so you should use simple photo for desktop background wallpaper so it is much better for you and you’re mobile. Many people use 3d wallpaper. So don’t use it. And use simple wallpaper and avoid screen saver too.

Always use recommended brightness because brightness is main source to reduce your battery life. Always use brightness as need. If you use high contrast and high brightness then it is not good for your battery life.

4 – other tips to follow

  • use power saving app for your mobile. You can download many power saving app from google lay store.
  • Use battery buster for more charging. You can charge battery more then limit.
  • Do not make your phone in high sunny atmosphere. It is reason to reduce your battery life


So friends apply this all tips to your phone and increase your battery life. This is 100% working secret tips so you should follow it. I know you cannot follow it on first day so try step by step on daily basis.

Last words

So these are the tips to increase battery life of phone and may be you understand it and read it carefully. If you have any question then you can post a comment below. Otherwise send message to us through contact us form. Click on contact us link from below and visit contact us page and then type your full name and email address hen add title. After that process type your message in detail and send it to us. We will reply you soon. Share this article on social media like facebook , wahtsapp , twtter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , dig , stumble open , medium , tumblr , pinterest and google plus. Thanxall readers and visitors keep visiting and keep reading . have a nice day good bye.

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