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How to run Android on your PC without Any Software

With around 2 million running on Android devices, there are many users who want to expand the WHO capability of having a kind of Android experience on their PC or laptop. Emulators like BlueStacks have helped PC users to download and install Android applications directly to their system.

How to run Android on your PC without Any Software

But, what if you can use it like an Android operating system on your PC or laptop without an emulator? Can you let new life breathe in your old computer with Android Marshmallow? You can remix that with OS.

Android On Pc With These Steps

Remix OS is base on native Android Marshmallow coding, but with a surprising twist, The OS allows you to run Android apps and a desktop OS like it. Which means you can run many applications simultaneously in the form of windows. You can also continue using the mouse and keyboard for navigation across the OS.

Important Note: It is recommended that you install the remix OS on an old machine. The OS is updated for bug fixes and is not devoid of issues regularly. Community developers work to bring more stability with every update.

Phase 1:

More title in the Remix OS homepage, you will be greeted by an option to download the installation package.

Phase 2:

Once you choose to download, you will need to either download 32-bit or 64-bit versions depending on your system configuration. Available in using the founder standard mode or torrent download (completely free to use as legal software).

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Phase 3:

The installer package includes an image and an executable file too. After opening the Execution Remix OS installer, you must mount the image file.

Phase 4:

After this, you can make an option to install the OS directly on your hard disk or on a flash drive. Upon pre-selecting, you can run Windows and create both OS on the same system.

Phase 5:

Once the installation is complete (if you install it on the hard disk), a reboot will be displayed soon. Proceed to restart your system to enable changes to take effect.

Phase 6:

Once your system reboots, you can choose to start Windows or OS remix.

Phase 7:

Once the remix OS loads the system, its setup of the end operating system welcomes you. As soon as the setup completes the standard terms and conditions, language settings, Wi-Fi settings etc., you are free to use the OS you would use a traditional Windows PC.

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