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How to Record Phone Call on iPhone

Most of the time you thought about that “How to Record Phone Call on iPhone” So for that, you’ve decided that you want a call recorder for your iPhone device because for your business or maybe you just want to make sure you’re getting the best customer service possible and it is really important.

How to Record Phone Call on iPhone

record phone call on iphone

What so ever is your reason, things are more difficult on an iPhone device for recording some calls.

Is Recording Calls Legal?

Before you are starting the procedure of recording the phone calls in iPhone 6, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4. it is fully depending on where you live- recording calls without consent can be illegal. Different states have various laws regarding this recording system.

There are some states which require both the parties consent to the phone call being recorded, while there are few states only require that one person consents. In that case, as long as if you are okay with recording the phone call, the other person doesn’t have to know about it all: that is also perfectly legal if the law allows it. The Problem with Recording Calls on iPhone.

In the Android device, recording phone calls are very easy to process but on the other hand, iOS has a lot of restrictions. In this particular case, third party apps cannot gain retrieve to the phone app and the microphone at the same time, which makes recording phone calls a much trickier task, especially when there is also no normal way to do it naturally.

There also some iPhone apps that can record phone calls, but they use the workaround that can be awkward. now, we’ll take a look at Google Voice and an app called TapeAcall, both of them have their own strength and weakness.

How to Record Phone Call on iPhone via Google Voice

If you’re looking for a free app to record your phone call, then this may be helpful for you. Give Google Voice a try. It’s easy to use but has one major disadvantage and that is you can’t record that call which you make.

If you are not a Google Voice user, you can sign up for Google Voice account for free of cost and you can claim that personal number which is separate from your main number. This alone makes the service worth using.

Also, you can do one more thing and that is you don’t absolutely need the Google Voice app download onto your device, but it does make things a much easier for the users when you go to the record phone calls using the services.

Before starting any process first, you will need to allow the recording feature in Google Voice. For enable that option you have to do this, go to voice.google.com on your computer and click on the “More” button on the left-hand side of the screen. In the app, click on the menu button up in the top-left corner. Next select “settings” button. Then Scroll down until you see the option of “Incoming Call”.

Click on the toggle switch to the right to allow it. now you are ready to record all the incoming calls in your device. When you receive a call, answer it and then press “4” on the keypad. An announcement will be made so that other person will also know that you’re recording his/her call.

Once you cut the call, the recording will end and it will be saved to your Google Voice account where you can play it back anytime whenever you want to.

How to Record A Phone Call on iPhone Secretly

At the end of this article, the best and most amazing method for recording calls on iPhone is doing it the old-fashioned way: speakerphone and a recorder of some kind.

There are many people who search for “how to record a phone call on iPhone 6 secretly”. So, for them, you can use this traditional method.

At the time of the call, just enable the smartphone and then begin recording with an external device, even if your computer using a webcam- you won’t need the video portion to the recorder, but you can record the audio of the entire phone call from both parties.

You even can use the Voice Memos apps on an iPad if you have one. So, this method is privacy friendly and best of all, it’s free and simple to use with no workarounds or loopholes to deal with.

How to Record Calls with TapeACall

If Google Voice is not working for you, then you can use this alternative method and that is TapeAcall which is the best call recording app for iPhone users, and it comes in a Lite and Pro version.

The lite version is a useless version because it let you listen to the first 1minutes of a recorded call, so pro version is useful for grabbing.

For $9.99 per year here, you get unlimited recording capabilities with a TapeAcall pro, which is very nice, but the ring you have to jump through to get it up and running can be irritating. It depends on the three-way calling, which your carrier has to support- some tiny carriers don’t.

At the time, you call someone or someone calls only you have to minimize the app and open the TapeAcall app and click on the record button. The app first put the call on hold and dials their recording line. After this step, you click on “merge calls” to create a three-way call between you, the person you’re talking with and TapeAcall recording lines.

Things are an easier way when you’re dialing an outgoing call. You can open up the app first and click on the record button. This app will dial the recording line and will begin recording as soon as it answers. From there, you just tap on “Add Call” and call the person you want to record. Then just press “Merge Call” when the person answer and there will be no need to put them on hold.

The app works, but it’s not really perfect, especially if you’re on the line with someone important and putting that person hold can be an unprofessional way.

Most of the third-party apps cost at least something. There are few apps which will charge only a one-time fee and other will charge per minute. But there are some other apps which will charge per minute. And of course, there is the privacy concern.

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