How To Rank YouTube Videos And Get a More Views

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Youtube is the no. 1 video website powered by google. You can find many videos of one keyword because youtube is the largest platform and has a many publishers and advertiser and also have so many fans. Anyway here I want to share the great trick that also works other video network. If you want to more views  on youtube then you should follow these steps give below.

How To Rank YouTube Videos And Get a more Views

Research keywords for your youtube video

Keyword research is the first step of get a more views on youtube tutorial. Here I want to tell that how you can get more views organic. You need to get more search engine ranks on youtube. Here I have sharing some keyword planners that provide youtube keyword planner. You can use ubersuggest tool go to ubersuggst official website and and select the video ( youtube ) and then research the keyword.


You can also use google keyword planner for rank your youtube video on google text search. Youtube search autosuggest is the also great free tool copy the keyword and past it in any keyword planner and then you can check the search volume, cpc and competition.

You need to choose low competition keyword with higher search volume and higher cpc. So you can use that perfect keyword on youtube video. See below about how to use that keyword.

Optimize your video by seo

Seo optimization is the best part to the get millions of views easily. first research the topic related keyword of you. See above tutorial and when you get a keyword just use it in the description, title and rename the youtube video. You need to use perfect keyword for rank your video easily.

Just copy the link build some quality links or youtube video because if you get a backlinks then it is way to more get views and also help you to rank your video easily. there are not easy to rank your video so you need to build a some backlinks. Use anchor text and get a do follow link because that is more beneficial.

Write super long description

Yes write three hundred words or more description and then use target keyword three time in this description. Highlight that keyword by bold and italic. So this is help you to get more organic visitors from youtube search and google search.

This is the part of youtube video on page optimization. But remember write only topic related description and first research perfect keyword for your description.

Anyway that’s all tricks are great but I want to give you one more trick and that is, always share videos regularly on time if you are not posting videos regularly then prepare schedule like every Sunday or every three days and time.

Also create a blog and share your videos there after you share the video. Share your video on social media regularly because this is the important factor to get social signala dn social traffic on your youtube videos.

Anyway this is the trick to get more views and rank your videos on youtube search and other search. Visit regularly for more updates. If you are regular visitor of this blog then subscribe this blog and get latest updates on your email daily. You can also unsubscribe it.


anyway I hope you understand that How To Rank YouTube Videos And Get a more Views and if you want to know more information about that then share a comment below otherwise contact us. go to contact u form and enter your full name and email address and type your question then send it to us.  Please share this article on social media because sharing is caring and it is help to newbie to make money from there videos so don’t forget to share. Have a nice day friends.

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