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Legit Ptc Websites To Start Make Money Free 2017

Hello there and welcome to the AskMePost(you ask I post) Blog. friends you can visit our previous post, Best niche (topic) List For Start The Blogging 2017. and here I want to share Legit PTC websites to start make money free 2017. Ptc means Paid To click. there are many paid to click websites available. Daily new ptc are come and go. And many peoples are earning money from ptc. It s a free joining in any ptc. But most of ptc are scam. According to bill Jorge report, “95 ptc companies are scam” so how to find legit ptc?

ptc websites

You can find legit ptc by it’s behavior. You need to check its forum report, payment proofs and other members review. Do not join any ptc and do not invest immediately. You can join as a free member and start making money. It is not easy to earn money from ptc websites. you need to work hard or invest money. You can buy rented referrals and you can also create direct referrals. Direct referrals are most profitable for every ptc earner because you can earn lot of huge income by direct referrals.

Rented referrals are also good for make money but you need to give some time for it and also you need to invest your account balance for it. Minimum 100 referrals required for earn pocket money. So just avoid scam ptc companies because here I shared top best legit ptc company that you can earn huge income from it.


Legit Ptc Websites To Start Make Money Free 2017


1. Neobux

Hello there no doubt neobux is the on of the best in the world. It is a genuine ptc sites paying since 2008. Its per click rate is 0.002$. You can withdraw money by paypal and payza. If you want to earn huge income from this then you need to refer other members and buy some rent referrals.

2. Clixsense

Clixsense is also legit ptc website. You can earn money from doing survey, cloud flower tasks, click per rate and refer other people. It is have a 7 level deep referral program. So if you are leader than this is the best ptc website for you. You can also earn good commission from your referrals.

3. Gptplanet

Gpt planet is also most trusted ptc website. you can earn 0.005$ per click. You can earn some more money by offers. Minimum payout is 1$. You can withdraw money from paypal.  It is launched on 2010.

4. Clixten

If you are task master then this is the also best website for you.  You need to click ads daily and if you want to multiply  your earning then you should refer other members.

5. Twickerz

It is best website. you can also buy revenue share. And it is a very popular ptc site. You can earn referral commission plus you can buy rented referrals.

Here are some tips to increase earning in ptc.

  • Join 20-25 money making related groups and you can create fb fan page. Advertise your referral links on that groups and page. You need to join google plus money making communities
  • Create your free wordpress or blogspot blog and promote your referral links on there.
  • Share your blog posts on social media regularly.
  • Always wrote program details and its benefits and money making strategies.

So friends this top best ptc website to earn money and I also shared best strategies to earn money. If you want to more stuff like this visit everyday on this blog. if you do not want to miss any post then you should subscribe our blog. go to sidebar and enter your name and email address then click subscribe, after verification you will get all latest updates and new posts on your mail.

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Hello I shared Legit PTC websites to start make money free 2017 and I hope you understand it. Please leave a comment below for  Please share this article on social media like facebook, whatsapp twitter, instagram, linkedin, tumblr, pinterest, stumble open, digg, reddit and google plsus. Thank you for read this post. Have a nice day.

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