How to Write User Friendly And Seo Friendly Post | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Post

Hey there welcome to the askmepost blog and here I want discuss, how to write user friendly and seo friendly post and if you need to understand it better then you should keep your mind here. in previous post I shared How to Index Blog Posts Fast And Regularly [Manually And Automatically] so go there by this link because post indexing is most important factor in blogging and also the part of seo


how to write user friendly and seo friendly post


how to write seo friendly post

seo friendly post writing is not easy but here I am telling you easy way to understand it. First go to the keyword planner and search the best keyword with low competition high cpc and medium searches or high searches keyword then write a post on it. Simply enter that keyword in google search and then you can find some LSI keyword from below also get it and use it as a related keywords in a post but how to use main keyword? I described below

you need to add your keyword in title, search description, permalink, first paragraph, h2, last paragraph and 1.3% in keyword density so this is te simple formula to rank your main keyword but now you need to cover your related keyword (LSI keyword) with it. Just use that keywords in other paragraphs. do not enter more links in your post you need to add 1 link per 150 words.

Only add related links with anchor text because it is most important and it help to recrawl your old pages. And also it is good for rankingso you need to try t first. You can also mention some of high quality website because it is beneficial for your site. Do not interlink bad website. And always write more than 300 words and also use h1, h2 and h3 tags in your post. H1 is a title so does not use it again because if you use h1 more than one time then it is not good.

Writes 100 to 150 words in ne paragraph and do not forget to use dot (.) after sentence ending because it is most improtant factor to readability write article that can read everyone

How to write user friendly post

You need to write user friendly article first then seo friendly if user not understand your article so that mean you are failed to impress audience. Here I have some tios for you that can help you to how to write user friendly article.

Always use headings in a post and write in shorts paragraph. Use bolds and italic and numberic and bullets in your post because it is easy to understand and not irritate to user. Write post in your audience language. And always write detailed post with detailed images.

Do not makes spelling mistakes and grammatically mistakes in your post and always write all detail and experience with your users. Tell your readers to make a comment and subscribe your blog and take a some feedback to write more better.

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