How to Unlock an Android Mobile Without Internet [2017]

Hello there and welcome to the askmepost blog ( you ask I post ). Here I want to share How to unlock an Android mobile without internet  and In previous article I shared Recommended WordPress Best Plugins for Blogger 2017 and may you read it and if you not read that post then go first and read it before reading this post. If you are blogger user then you need to go wordpress because wordpress is the best platform for business so if you want to do business and want to create professional website then wordpress is the best platform for you anyway below I shared information about unlocking android without internet. Pattern lock and password both lock you can break by this trick so keep your mind here.


How to unlock an Android mobile without internet

How to open any lock in android

Friends these are the information about how to unlock the android phone that you can find below and I provided step by step guide to open any and break any android lock so keep your mind here:

  1. Turn off your mobile ( shut down your mobile )
  2. Now click this button volume up button + power button


Volume up button + home button+ power button


Volume up button + volume down button + power button

  1. now click on factory data reset.
  2. now select yes and after you click yes then your phone will reboot
  3. so now your phone data is reset and your all locks are breaks. So you can easily unlock your phone and private data.


Thank you for read this post and I hope you understand this tutorial. So this is the only way to unlock any phone and any type of pattern and password another trick is totally fake because there are no other ways to breaks any lock.  Do not be fool and read this post carefully.

If your phone affected by virus so this trick is also helpful for you just start reboot and factory data reset and your phone virus easily remove but if you facing problem again then you need to format your memory card or scan it and there are many antivirus available and you can use it for free. 90% antivirus are paid so you need to pay fees for 1 year yes you can try it for 1 month period but then you need to purchase license.

Some people trying crack version of antivirus but that is not updated version so be careful for that type of antivirus program. Escan antivirus program is the very best program and total internet security is available in there. If  escan antivirus catch the virus and stop it to affect other files but that virus more dangerous then it will remove it permanently with file so here you can loss your file.

Do not enter any memory card or do not open bad and untrusted website by internet because most of virus come out from there.   Anyway this is the information about how to open android pattern lock so if you need to more information then visit our another android articles.

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So friends here I shared How to unlock an Android mobile without and I hope you read it carefully please leave a comment below to ask any question and discuss any topic with us. Visit our previous article to find more information about android mobile tips and tricks and technology. Share this article on social media like facebook , whatsapp, twitter , instagram, linkedin, reddit, digg, stumble open, medium, tumblr, pinterest and google plus. Thanxall visitors and readers keep visiting and keep reading. have a nice day to all. Bye.


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