How to Send Message to All By One Click in Whatsapp

Hello there and welcome to the askmepost blog ( you ask I post ). In this post I want to share how to send message to all by one click in whatsapp and  In my previous article I shared Alexa Rank Not Appearing in Blog Then Follows These Tricks so if you are blogger and using alexa so you need to read this post carefully because this is the most important factor for you. Some bloggers are facing the problem with alexa because alexa sometime not showing and sometime showing no data so these types of problems so there I covered many information about it.


Asa blogger you are promoting useful information and posts in whatsapp. And sharing the post to with your friends regularly so this will help you a lot. But this work you can also do with the whatsapp group message. But some time any person wants to send a personal message. So what can you do that time? So simple answer is you can do it by this trick. You  can send personal message to all your friends by this trick so let’s start the game.

how to send message to all by one click in whatsapp

Tips to send message to all whatsapp contacts

So here I shared step by step tutorial so you need to keep your mind here:

Step 1 : – first if you do not have whatsapp download it first and install it if you have old version of whatsapp then update it.

Step 2 :  -in my previous article I shared information about how to use 2 whatsapp in one android and also I shred how to use whatsapp in pc so you need to visit there.

Step 3 : – so when you will download the whatsapp then open it.

Step 4 : -so now click on right side where you can see the profile picture and application setting.

step 5 : – so now click on new broad cast and for more information see below image.


Step 6 : –  now you can see the list your friends.

Step 7 : – now here you can see the check box on all contacts just click on check box and select it which you want to send the message if you select all then this message will sent to all so remember it.

Step 8 :  – now when you click on done then you can see the demo like whatsapp group just check the list and added friends in there.

Step 9 : – now open that demo and type your message. ( this is seems like whatsapp group )

Step 10 : – so now press the enter or send message and then check which received your message.

If you want to know which person received my message then go to the my previous article so there you can read the information about this.

So friends this is the simple trick to send message to all and if you want to know more about whatsapp hen keep visiting our trick and tips and android section. If you are regular reader the you need to subscribe our blog just go to the sidebar and enter your name and email address then click on subscribe then you will receive the verification message in your mail go the mail and click on verification link the you will become a verified subscriber. After you complete that process and when  we will update or post new article then you will be notified.

Final words

So friends here I discussed the topic of how to send message to all by one click in whatsapp AND I hope you understand it. Leave a comment below to know more about this information you can also send a message in contact us and support area.  Share this article on social media. You can use facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , digg , stumble open , medium , tumblr , pinterest and google plus. Thank you all visitors and readers keep visiting and keep reading have a nice day. Good bye.

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