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How to Recover Deleted Photo in Android Mobile | Recover Android Phone Picture

Hello there and welcome to the askmepost blog ( you ask I post ). Here I want to share that how to recover deleted photo in android and I hope you will like it because today every users facing this type of issue. In my previous article I shared How to Use Free Internet in Idea Sim Card {100% Working} and you should read that post first before you read this because if you are idea user then this is the very useful trick for you because after you complete that process you can use the free internet in idea user with good speed.


Below I shared that how to recover deleted images in android smart phone so don’t forget to read it because this is also important  information. Many people accidentally delete images or photos in to smart phone and after that he feel bad that if I was not clicked on delete, I do not lost my photos but don’t be upset because after you apply this trick you will get deleted photo file immediately

how to recover deleted photo in android



process to get deleted photo file in android smart phone

you know in your mobile image gallery many photos available and some time it delete by virus or accidentally your mistake. But don’t be scare because in this post I shared hundred percent working tutorial. But before you recover you need to see below information :

first you need to check that the photo stored in phone memory or sd card so check it first. And if you are using memory card and you was formatted it then you will not get that type of images. But if you are not formatted memory card and want to get the photos so you can get it because after delete that photos hide from users not deleted.

Here are the step by step information to get deleted photos easily:

Step 1 : – first connect your memory card in to desktop then first you need to take a backup. And you know your deleted photos hide by system and when you click new phtos or add then those new photo will be replaced with the deleted photos.

Step 2 : – if you wan to get your deleted photos then first you need stop adding new photos and capturing new images in your gallery.

Step 3 : – after you will recover your deleted file then you can add new photos that you can add new photos.

Step 4 : – so first download additional photo recovery software so download asoftech software because that is the best software to recover deleted photo files.

Step 5 : – now install it and open it then select the your memory card file in your software then start scan.

Step 6 : – so after that process you will get the list of available for recover photo files.

Step 7 : – now select your photos which you want to recover and save.

So friends this is the simple tutorial. And I hope you understand it better if not then read this again. Subscribe it and then you will get all latest updates and new post on your mail for subscribe it go to the sidebar and enter your email and full name and then click on subscribe It then you will receive verification email then click on verified link then you are verified subscriber of us. If you want to unsubscribe then simply click on unsubscribe link from below in email.


so friends here I shared how to recover deleted photo in android and  I hope you enjoyed that post if you want to more posts like this then visit our tips and tricks articles. If you have any question then leave a comment below and contact us. Enter your name and email and type your message in detail then send it to us. Share this article on social media like facebook whatsapp twitter instagram linkedin reddit digg instagram stumble open medium reddit tumblr pinterest and google plus.

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