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How to Record Slow Motion Video in Android

Hi there and welcome to the askmepost ( youask I post ) blog. Everyone likes slow motion video and here I want to share how to record slow motion video in android And if you want to watch slow motion videos then you need to go video setting and then click slow motion you can increase and decrease the slow motion and fast motion. i want to tell you more but you need to read  Xiomi Redmi Note 4 Specification Features and More Information and please read this post carefully. Xiomi redmy note 4 is the awesome system that needs to enjoy best mobile technology. I phone 7 xiaomi redmy note 3 and xiaomi redmy note 4 are the greatest android phone.


How to record slow motion video in android

If you think that slow motion video is not possible then you are thinking wrong. If you want to trending video then slow motion play the biggest role in it. You can see in movie the slow motion video here is the best example is bollywood movie, “main hoon na” main hoon na movie started the slow motion video craze. Anyway we do not move to bollywood because this is technology niche post.

If you are talking about that only high definition phone is working but it is not true because this trick always working in simple phone also. Because this is all in one trick. Here I covered some tricks to create video in slow motion.


1. Reaction slow motion pro

This is awesome application for record slow motion video. You need to install application in play store. You can record video with high quality in this app. Some other apps are record video with low quality but this is the only one which record video with high quality.

2. Slow motion video express

Slow motion video is the also awesome application and you can download on playstore easily. Just go to play store and search slow motion video express. If you want to fast magic video motion then this is the also great application for you.

3. Slopro application slow motion video recorder

This is also a great application and very popular slow motion video recorder. You can make video and share it immediately also. If you want to edit video then it is also helpful for you.

4. Slow motion free app

This is also a helpful and you can use this app as a slow motion player. So it is the two in one software. As a player you can make some settings in here.

Anyway these are the four applications that work very well and also most popular applications. Just go to the google play store if you have not gmail account then you need to create a google ( gmail ) account. After creating gmail account go to the google playstore and login it then search one by one in above applications. Then download it and install it. You can also find some fast motion video recorder but we will post about that. But now you need to try slow motion video recorder and slow motion video player.

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So friends here I shared how to record slow motion video in android and if you need to more information like this then you should visit our previous articles. If you have any question and want to discuss with us then you need to make a comment below. And also share this article on social media like facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , stumble open , digg , reddit, tumblr , pinterest and google plus. Thanks all and have a nice day. Keep visitng Askmepost blog regularly.

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