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How to Optimize Image And Size Easily

Hello there welcome to the askmepost ( you ask I post ) blog. Here I want to share how to optimize image and size easily. Here we provide some software and online tool that can help you better. Why image optimization is most recommended for every blogger and website owner that we will explain later but first you need to read our previous article How to Record Slow Motion Video in Android and enjoy it because it is the best technology post for you.

image optimization

How to optimize image and size easily

1. How to optimize image by adobe photoshop

Adobe photoshop most popular image editing tool in the world and one of the best image optimization tool also.  It is powered by adobe company which is also owner of adobe flash player and adobe reader and that gives another awesome tool and that is adobe photoshop. Adobe photoshop is the leading software since many years and also very old software and regularly updates software. Every update they give new feature in adobe photoshop.

Anyway adobe photoshop is most used picture editing software in the world. Anyway here is the step by step information that how can optimize image up to 70% to 90% by adobe p shop:

Step 1 : – open adobe photoshop and click on file

Step 2 : – now click on save for web ( you can click directly alt + shift + ctrl + s)

Step 3 : – now rename your image and you can change it to png to jpg and other format by this feature.

Step 4 : – save it to your location and now you can see your old image size and newly optimized size different.

So friends by this trick you can get most optimized image by adobe photo shop. You can edit, design and optimize your photograph by adobe photoshop.

2. WordPress user image optimization guide

WordPress is one of the best platform of blogging and more users than blogger blogging platform. Anyway in wordpress many facilities available by plugins and there are many plugins available to image optimization. Here I want to share best plugin for image optimization and it is wp smush. Wp smush automatic plugin that will auto optimize your image during uploading.

You can also optimize all old images just by one click. You need o add wp smush in your wordpress admin panel and many ways available to install wp smush here I want to share one of them.

Step 1 :- go to plugins area and install new plugin

Step 2 :- you can search wp smush now otherwise you can also download wp smush zip file and upload it.

Step 3:- after search wp smush plugin just install it and then all done !

Step 4 : – optimize all images of your blog and then enjoy high speed blog. In just a few minutes

So by this plugin you can also increase your blog speed up to 50 to 70 percent.  And your all images automatically optimize.

3. Use Photo editing software for image optimization

Yes you can use any photo editing software to optimize your image size. Above I mentioned adobe photoshop so you can also download that software otherwise use any software because you can find many software in internet that can help you to edit and design your image and also optimize it. Just don’t forget to save as for web because it is better for quality and decrease image size.

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So friends this is the post about how to optimize image and size easily and if you need more information then you should visit our previous articles. Please leave a comment below for discuss any question with us and share this article on social media. You can use facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , stumble open , medium , digg , reddit , tumblr , pinterest and google plus. Thanxall and have a nice day.

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