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How to Lock Paytm Without any Application

Hello there and welcome to the AskMePost Blog ( you ask I post ). In previous post I shared, How to do Group Video call and Live streaming in Facebook and I hope you was enjoyed that post. Anyway here I gathered some information about How to lock Paytm without any Application? In today many persons use paytm for casheless trasaction it’s called online transaction. But safety is the most important factor in online transaction. I know you are superman and you was set strong password in paytm but it is not enough because you need to more highly secure atmosphere because it is better for you. Anyway here I want to share something different that can protect your mobile security and especially your paytm.


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How to lock Paytm without any Application

I know you are android user and use lock system everywhere. If yes then it is easy for you. So not use same in every lock and especially in paytm because hacker can reach to your account and also your friend can do this. You need to login at only one time in paytm. It’s not safe to use same lock in every application but you also can not use different app for every program. So what can you do? Don’t worry here is a solution.

Paytm lock and unlock process without application

Now you can use paytm without internet data and also simple mobile user can start using to paytm. Now here is the main problem is paytm security. If your friend take your mobile then he will easily access your paytm wallet. So here I shared solution for you and you will protect your account. Anyway here is the step by step tutorial:

Step 1 : – first update your paytm account application. Go to playstore and search paytm app ten you can see update option on it. It is recommended to updated paytm app because this feature only available in new ver.

Step 2 : – now go to mobile setting > security screen lock > choose a screen lock and then you can enter pattern, password or fingerprint to unlock of paytm application.

Step 3 : –  now open your updated paytm application. And click on passbook. And then click add security feature button.


Step 4 : – now after you enter password/pattern/fingerprint you can see successfully message on sreen.

So now you are safe because other person can not access your account.

How to disable paytm lock

It is most important to know about enable and disable paytm. Here is the step by step information that you can follow:

Step 1: open your paytm application.

Step 2: click on your profile.

Step 3: now click on security and setting

Step 4: now go to android security feature and you can stop it now. I mean you can disable paytm lock from here

So friends these are the little tutorial about how to enable and disable lock in paytm app. Now read it carefully you can save it as a bookmark. Please visit our previous posts to learn more about another android application tricks and tips. Because this is multi niche blog so you can browse many information than can help you. You can subscribe our blog by email just go to sidebar and enter your name and email address then click subscribe button. After verification you will get pur all latest updates and new articles on your mail. You can also unsubscribe email after subscription.


So friends I hope you enjoyed How to lock Paytm without any Application? Post and if you have any question about it then you can leave a comment below. Also tell it to your friends and share it on social media. You can use facebook, twitter, whatsapp, linkedin, medium, stumblre open, digg, reddit, tumblr, pinterest and google plus. Thanks all ad have a nice day. please read our mobile and android related other posts.

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