How to Index Blog Posts Fast And Regularly [Manually And Automatically]

Hey there welcome to the askmepost blog and here I wan t share how to index blog posts fast and regularly [manually and automatically] and if you want to understand this information carefully then you should keep your mind here. in previous post Happy President Day 2017 Wishes Messages For Men And Women so also go there by this link to know more about president day and here I shared blog post indexing tricks so first read that because that post is not recommended for you.


How to index blog posts fast and regularly [manually and automatically]

How to index blog posts manually

Yes you can index post manually by google add and submit url for crawl. This feature is the great feature for those who want to index backlinks and page within few hours. Just copy your blog post link and past it in box and check the box and click submit button. After you complete that process your link submitted and then it will crawl within some time.


Blog posts indexing is very important factor for rank your blog post easily and it is the part of seo. If you written beautiful article but it will not index yet then this is the not a good for you so you need to index first of that link for get higher rank in google.

If you are indexing manually by google link submission so that not mean google search console and sitemap are not recommended. It is also recommended but some blog provider does not allow body section like tumblr and other social media so that’s all control of social media owner so in this situation google url submission tool is very best tool.

How to index blog post automatically

Automatically index is very good and manually index is a bad habit. Automatically index post can take a time but it is very best for ranking here I shared that how to index post automatically so must read it.

If you want to index your articles on daily basis then you should need to follow some tips. And the first is you need to post article daily because google like those blogs who make posts daily basis. And it is most important factor for high ranking in google.

How to index blog post

Also write high quality and seo friendly post that can help you to rank easily.  always interlink some of related posts in new posts that can helps to crawl old url. Old post recrawl by this trick and if you do that process every time so this can help to make your posts get more page views easily so always remember this.

So that mean keep posting on regular basis for crawl fast of your blog pages and index. It is help you to rank high in google.

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