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How to Increase Internet Speed of Reliance Jio 4G Sim

Hello there and welcome back to the AskMePost ( you ask I post ) Blog. You should read our previous post I shared trick about How to take Advantage from Expired Domains and if you not read yet then you should refer that link and read it. Here I gathered some information about How to increase internet speed of reliance jio 4G sim. You have reliance jio 4g sim? I know most people have a reliance jio 4g sim but facing so many problems there like low speed, slow network etc. but here I have solutions for you.

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How to increase internet speed of reliance jio 4G sim

By this trick you will receive internet speed up to 25 MBPS with downloading and surfing. In previous month jio not given full speed but it was given only 18 kbps speed. Jio Company wants more customers so they increased internet speed of jio but if you don’t know tricks then you cannot get benefits from that.


Change APN settings to boost net speed

1-First goes to the phone settings and then goes to mobile networks

2-Now open access point setting and then click a menu option in the right.

3- Go to setting >mobile network> Access point> New APN and then check bellow information and follow it.

Name – network name

APN – jionet

APN Type – Default

Proxy – Not Set

Port – Not Set

Username – Not Set

Password – Not Set

Server – www.google.com

MMSC – Not Set

MMS proxy – Not Set

MMS port – Not Set

MCC – 405

MNC – 857 or 863 or 874

Authentication type – Not Set

APN Protocol – IPv4/IPv6

Network mode and bearer setting LTE

Now you need go first on setting and then close all previous tabs then follow below tricks :

Network mode setting:-

  1. Click on more connection setting
  2. Now click mobile network. Now select your network mode (if you entered sim in slot 1 then select slot one if you entered in slot 2 then select slot 2)
  3. Now check LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) enable or not. Select LTE only.

Bearer Setting:-

  1. Now again go to setting and go to the mobile network.
  2. Then go to the access point name and then click jio 4G.
  3. Now scroll below and check bearer option. And then select unspecified to LTE. And restart your phone.

Here is another best trick to increase jio internet speed you should enter your jio sim in slot 1 because slot one is the better for networking and internet.

Increase internet speed by Snap VPN android app

  1. First go to the play store and search for the Snap VPN android app then download it.
  2. Now open a folder and install it.
  3. Now connect it different servers. For example first select India and then select internet speed then use Canada or other country and then check your internet speed. You can which country gives you better internet speed.

So friends this is the also great tips to increase internet speed. Just you need to save server name. go to setting>network>APN setting and then go to the server and type www.google.com and then save the setting. Also close all background data during surfing or downloading then you can see increased internet speed immediately. Please clear the cache and cookies regularly and choose a better place during surfing or downloading you can climb up to your house. Because In some places you face network problems.

So friends these are the tricks to get high internet speed by jio sim in android phone. If you want to more tricks like this then you should go to the previous articles. Please subscribe this blog by email for regular mail delivery notification because it is important and easy. You can also unsubscribe it easily in the mail. Go to sidebar and give your details like name email etc and then click subscribe button and then you will get all latest updates and new posts on your mail.


So friends here I shared How to increase internet speed of reliance jio 4G sim . if you want to more stuff like this then visit our previous articles and please share this post on social media. You can use whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, tumblr pinterest, stumble open, medium, digg, reddit and google plus. Thank you all readers and visitors and have a nice day good bye.

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