How to Increase Google Adsense Earning High [2017]

Hey there welcome to the askmepost ( you ask I post ) blog. In previous article I shared How to Unlock an Android Mobile without Internet [2017] and I hope you enjoyed that post. In this post I want to share How to increase google adsense earning high and I know you will like it.

First visit above mentioned post because I shared best android tricks there. Because by that trick you will open any pattern lock and password. Anyway check below for increase your earning in  google adsense and it is recommended post for every google adsense user.

google adsense earning

How to increase Google adsense earning high

google adsense earning

1. Increase your google adsense earning by these tricks

Most bloggers are using google adsense because google adsense is the highest paying ad program company ever. Here I want to share some tricks that can help you to increase your adsense earning and sales..

2. Search high cpc keywords for post

Yes it is absolutely true and you can get 50$ per click or more by one click only. If you want to get high cpc keywords then you should use semrush and long tail pro to get more high cpc keyword because these two keyword planner gives you perfect trend information. Just search profitable keyword.

You need to find long tail keyword because long tail keyword is easy to rank and you can also get low competition keyword in long tail. Short tail keywords are more competitive keywords because they are short tail and used and targeted many times. Anyway just select long tail keyword with high cpc rate and you should need to check its monthly searches on keyword planner.

After you find that keyword then target it as a main keyword of post in a post.

3. Write seo friendly and long length post

Yes organic traffic is the most important factor to get traffic. If you will receive traffic from social media then you will get 0.02$ to 0.20$ cpc but if you wil receive traffic from search engine then you will get real cpc rate of keywod.

Write long length articles because it helps to show relevant keyword of adsense. Seo friendly articles help you to get more organic traffic from search engine and organic traffic is very beneficial and very important for google adsense users.

Target your keyword and use related topic to that high cpc keywords so those keywords are support the main keyword. Cover main keyword as a topic and write all about that high cpc keyword so it will rank easily and you will get high click rate from that.

4. Target United States traffic traffic

United States traffic is the beneficial traffic for every google adsense user but if you do not have organic traffic then it is not beneficial for you and if you will get usa organic traffic then you will get high cpc from it. Always write high quality content because quality content helps you to increase our google adsense earning.

Unique traffic is also good for every user so always try to write unique post with high cpc keyword. For example one user is coming through social media and clicked your ads then you will not get expected cpc but if any visitor come through search engine and click your ad then you will get better cpc so this is the simple logic.

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So friends here I shared How to increase google adsense earning high and I hope you read it carefully just leave a comment below to know more about this topic. You can also discuss any question about google adsense. Please share this article on social media like facebook , whatsapp , linkedin , twitter , instagram , pinterest , tumblr , stumble open , medium , digg , reddit and google plus. Thank you all readers and visitors keep visiting and keep reading. Have a wonderful day.

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