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How to Hide Photos, Files and Apps on Android

It would be very easy in today’s world to assume someone else’s identity if someone has control over your smartphone. Their access in your phone depends on how secure your phone’s internal defences are.

Depending on that they may text someone else, post something inappropriate on your Facebook profile or might even have the access to your bank account details.

How to Hide Photos, Files and Apps on Android

How to Hide Photos, Files and Apps on Android

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The inventions of these new technologies have made these smartphones an integral part of your identity.

But just as not everyone is allowed to access every part of yourself, you need to hide file, photos, and even applications from other’s access on your smartphone.

It is possible that you might have some pictures that you do not want your family members to see if they borrow your phone or you might have some private documents containing some sensitive personal information that you do not want others to access.

You might also need to hide some apps that you do not consider appropriate for the child in your house and you might feel the need to hide the app from them while allowing them to play games on your phone.

Whatever be the reason, there is always a need in today’s world to hide content on your phone.

These days there are plenty of options available to hide files, apps or photos. In this article we will tell you about how to hide files, photos and apps from your smartphone.

How to Hide Files on Android

Generally all the Android devices that are available in the market do not have any inbuilt feature or stock ability to hide files in your phone.

So no matter what smartphone you are using, you will most probably have to resort to third-party apps to hide these files. Let us begin with the basics of hiding a file and learn how to hide the files in general.

The most appropriate app to hide the files is File Hide Expert. It is a freely available app. It allows you to hide as well as unhide any file that is present on your phone with great comfort.

To begin this up app, you first of all need to download this app from the Google Play Store.

When you open this app after downloading, you will receive a message informing that the hidden file list is empty.

You need to click on the folder icon present in the top-right of the screen to begin hiding the files from your phone.

The app works just as a basic file management app of your phone works. You just need to know the location of your file to hide it. You can hide any type of file irrespective of its type.

If you choose “Hide All” option, then it will hide away all your files which will make them inaccessible to anyone who borrows your phone.

The files that you hide will no longer appear in other file managers or galleries. To make them available again, just open File Hide Expert app and tap “Restore All” option.

But this app will not keep your content safe as anyone can access File Hide Expert app and have access to all the files you don’t want anyone to see.

Here, a good idea will be to use the password capability of File Hide Expert.

For this, go to the Menu button and then open Settings. The first option that you will see there will be to enable a password.

Select that box and you’ll get a message to enter a password to use. You should keep in mind to remember this password as you will be required to enter it every time you open the File Hide Expert.

How to Hide Photos on Android

Though File Hide Expert app works for all kinds of file that you have in your smartphone, but it does not work that much efficiently when it comes to hiding the photos. In such a condition you can use and have a better experience with KeepSafe app.

KeepSafe APK creates a digital vault on your smartphone. This digital vault acts as a place where you can keep all the things that you don’t want to show up anywhere else.

You just have to create a PIN to access the app every time you want, and then this app keeps all of your sensitive files that you want to hide in one location.

It also provides an option to back up your private files on the cloud, if you are comfortable with it. Using this back up feature you can recover your lost pictures and photos in case your phone gets lost or broken.

KeepSafe is becoming one of the widely used and accepted privacy app, and the current version of the app is freely available for use with some premium features available at the cost of $4.99 per month.

In addition to hiding the pictures and photos, KeepSafe can also be used as storage to store the sensitive data such as passwords and ID cards.

Setting this app up is a really easy task. You just have to download the app from the Google Play Store and the setup guide available in the app will guide you through setting up a PIN for protection.

After setting up the PIN, you can add all the photos that you need to hide to KeepSafe. This can be done by opening a folder and choosing the ‘add picture’ icon present at the bottom right.

You can then use the browser to select the photos that you want to hide.

You can all add the photos that you want to hide directly to the vault by accessing the photos directly from your phone’s normal gallery and choosing the “Share” button on the picture that you want to hide.

Now choose KeepSafe from the list of options available. This will move the desired photo that you want to hide to your private collection and it won’t be now accessible from the gallery.

How to Hide Apps on Android

If you use a smartphone then you must be tired of seeing that NFL Mobile app that came with your phone which you can’t uninstall without rooting your phone.

It is also possible that your app drawer might get crammed with the apps that you rarely use, making it a tough task to get to the apps that you do use.

In such a condition hiding apps is a good way to clean up your app drawer and keep the apps that you do not want anyone else to access away from the guest users who use your phone.

Some smartphone manufacturers provide this functionality right along with their devices. For instance, the Samsung users have the ability to hide apps without getting any third party app to do this task.

But if your smartphone doesn’t support any such app hiding features, then can download Nova Launcher for this task. This app is a brilliant launcher, and it offers you the ability to hide apps with a simple and intuitive option.

All you need to do is to install Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store and open the app drawer. Now, navigate to Nova Settings > App & widget drawers > Hide Apps. Then, choose the apps you want to hide. Simple, after this those apps will not show up on your app drawer anymore.

To see the hidden app again, just go back to the same menu and unchecked the desired app.

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