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How to Block Unknown Calls, Text Messages on Android Phone

If you want to block spam calls and messages on your Android phone, your best bet is to download a call block app. We personally like Mr Number-Block (free to download from the Google Play store), which gives you extra info on the unrecognised number (if available), and either hangs up on blocked callers or sends them to voicemail, whichever you prefer.

The best part of Number-Block is its flexibility. You can specify individual phone number to block, or you can have the app block all unknown contacts or all phone numbers beginning with certain digits you can even have Mr Number-Block cut calls from your entire contacts list, if you suddenly realize that you hate all of your so-called chums and just want a bit of peace.

There are plenty of other call and message blocking apps available on Google Play store, so have a fish around if you want something a bit different. Just remember to read the reviews before downloading anything.

How to stop spam text messages on iPhone or Android mobiles

As well as spam calls, we find that we are constantly receiving unknown text msg, which are more irritating than a thousand Chuckle Brothers combined. The glorious excitement of hearing our android phones

Ding, and thinking that one of our great chums has texted us, only to discover it’s a message from some dodgy Pixel par inch firm well, it’s simply devastating.

How to work out if a text message is legitimate marketing or pure, filthy spam, and how to deal with both cases.

How to tell if a possible spam message is actually a legitimate marketing text message

Spam messages can be legitimate marketing texts as well as random unsolicited spam

If the text messages are something you never signed up for, accidentally, then they need to be dealt with differently. This is true 100% pain-in-the-backside spam, sent out randomly to generic numbers by hundreds of thousands of devious damn dirty spam bots.

How can I stop spam texts from showing up on my android mobile?

Proper fake msg is usually quite easy to spot. They’ll ask if you’ve been in an accident lately, or tell you you’ve got thousands of pounds in unclaimed PPI waiting or try and sucker you into replying by claiming you have won a shiny new iPad.

Whatever you do, don’t reply or text STOP to these spams messages. That’ll just confirm that your number is in use, and you’ll end up receiving even more virtual crap from these unknown testers.

It is difficult to block these messages from coming through, but you can help limited the amount you get by only giving out your mobile num when absolutely import, using a landline number where possible, and avoiding listing your number online.

You can report spam messages to your network provider by forwarding them to 7726 (which used to spell out ‘spam’ on olde-worlde phone pads). Sadly the spammers change their details regularly, so few of the gifts are actually caught and fined.

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How to use Application to block unknown calls

Mr Number is an Android mobile application that can block calls and text messages, provide “reverse look-up” and caller ID, and allow you for texting for free, even alerting you when a sent text has been read. Here is the how-to for this all in one phone application.

  1. Download and install the application.calls
  2. View the “Blacklist” tab. This is where you can block numbers and place exceptions. The different categories include:
  • Suspected spam
  • Choose from contacts
  • Enter a number
  • All numbers beginning with…
  • All numbers
  • All numbers in my contacts
  • All numbers not in my contacts
  • All private/blocked numberscalls
  1. For a small monthly fee, you can enable automatic caller ID. This will convert any unknown number to their real name. Using the “Reverse Lookup” will enable you to look up any number for free. This also allows you to report the specific number as spam or to block the number.
  2. Tap on the “History” tab. This will give you a list of your call history from the time you have installed the application.
  • A “green thumbs-up” signifies an accepted/exception number or if you have disabled blocking during that time.
  • A “red thumbs-down” classifies calls that you have blocked and the block reason from the blacklist.
  1. Configure options in the “Settings” tab. This is where you can turn call block on or off, how you want to block them (for example, have the program hang the call-up or send them to voicemail), set call notification alerts, and where you can enable or disable blocks on text messages.


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