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How to Fix “Headphone Jack Not Working” [Best 5 Solutions]

In today’s world, the phone is an essential part of living. For those people who are using phones on a regular basis. If, they find some problem with their headphones, then they might be feeling frustrating because whenever  you are travelling in public and you are not able to pick up the call at that time, Headphone play their effective roles or when you feel bored while you are travelling at the same time you also need a headphone.

How to Fix “Headphone Jack Not Working”?

Headphone Jack Not Working

There are so many users who are using different devices and facing this problem and ask frequent questions like “headphone jack not working windows 7”, “headphone jack not working galaxy s6”, and much more similar questions. So in this article, you will find some solutions.

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So, sometimes you find a condition in that your headphone jack is not working properly. Just keep calm, today we are here to providing you all the solutions for fixing this issue. Stay with us, and maybe this article is helpful for you.

1) Make Sure Your Headphones aren’t Broken

For checking this issue, the first step is so apparent one because it can be possible that your headphone jack is perfectly fine but the headphones are the problem. If you think that headphones are the problem, then you can check your device by just plugging them into another device.

Another device doesn’t mean that another Smartphone, it can be any device like laptop, TV, Computer, and few more devices which have the 3.5mm jack on board will also do work.

After plugging them into a different device, if you still not able to hear any type of audio from it, then it means that you have uncovered the problem. After this, you have only one solution left and that is you have to change your headphones.

On the other hand, if they do work with a different device, then there is some other type of issue which we are going to share with you below.

It is also suggested that you can plug a different pair of headphone into your device for checking that they are working or not. If they are working, then it means that your headphones might not be compatible with your smart phone for some reason. However, this is so rare, but may be they are not compatible with your device.

2) Check to See If the Smartphone is connected to Different Device via Bluetooth

There is one more solution that it can be possible that your Smartphone is paired with wireless headphones, a speaker, or any other device with the Bluetooth, and it is possible that the headphone jack is disabled.

Generally, when you plug your headphones into your device should accept them and everything should work as conscious regardless of the Bluetooth settings. Although, it is not necessarily always the case.

It is so quick and easy to fix this problem. So there is a step to be followed for fixing this problem: first, you have to go to Settings on your device, Find the Bluetooth option and check that it is ON or not.

If it is ON then maybe your device is paired with other devices which are near to you. Simply you have to turn it off, and then plug your headphones into Smartphone, and check, your problem is solved now.

If still, your headphones are not working, then you can check the below solutions, Maybe that works for you.

 3) Clean the Headphone Jack

Sometimes, what happens the dirt can actually block the connection between the headphones and the jack and this might be the reason that your headphones are not working properly.

For solving this problem, normally first step is this you have to see how much dirt it is. You can see the dirt with the help of a flashlight. Now, the second step is to try and clean it and hope that it will solve the problem.

You may be thinking that “how you can clean it?” So, here are some few tips to clean it. Although, there are so many different ways to clean. So here we are mentioning some of them, Have a look at them

  • Simply you have to blow into the headphone jack, which should remove some of the dust from it and lint that’s found inside.
  • Also, you can use a can of compressed air if you have one nearby.
  • This is the most effective option to use, you can simply take a cotton swab and try to put it into the jack and move it around a little bit to get the dust and lint out. But be careful when you are performing this activity.
  • Even you can also dump the cotton swab with rubbing alcohol but take care that you don’t use too much of it.

After performing one of these tips, just look into the headphone jack again and see how much dust and lint were you able to get out. If things look better, then check your headphone to plug into Smartphone and see if it works.

4) Check Audio Setting and Restart Device

There can be a chance that the problem is not with the jack or the headphones, which you’re using but the problem is in the audio settings of the device and if this is the problem then you can easily sort out this problem in just a few minutes. For sort out this problem, you only have to follow the procedure, which we are going to tell you.

First, go to the audio settings and open it on your device and check the volume level as well as any other settings that might mute the sound.

If you see everything is alright on your device, then there is another very simple way to fix this problem and that is you can restart your device.

Restarting process is helpful because sometimes it saves loads of different Smartphone related problems and takes less than a minute to do.

For restarting your device you have to simply press the power button for a few seconds then, there will be a pop up on your device screen, which shows you some option from that you have to tap on the restart option and wait for the device to turn back on again.

5) Time to Call the Repairman

If none of the above solutions work for you, then the problem isn’t quite as minor as you saw. If your device is still under warranty then the best thing to do is normally contact the retailer and elaborate the problem which you are facing in your device and at the end, send your device for a repair or replacement.

This can take quite some time in some cases, but yes, it is absolutely free of cost at least. And if your warranty is expired, but you have phone insurance, still you can make a claim with your provider.


So, Our Lovable Users, after reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of “how is to fix ‘headphone jack not working’”.

Thank you for staying with us till here. We are trying our best to provide you all the solutions for “headphone jack not working iPhone 6s” properly.

These all solutions are the best. We hope that this content will be helpful for you because we try to give you all the solutions as much as we can.

If none of these solutions works for you and your device is still under the warranty, make sure to go to the store in which you purchased it and ask for a replacement of the faulty controller.

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