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Google Chrome Browser Best Tips And Tricks 2017

Hey there welcome to the askmepost blog and today I want to discuss google chrome browser best tips and tricks 2017 and if you want to understand it better then keep your mind here. in previous article I shared How to Write User Friendly And Seo Friendly Post | How To Write Seo Friendly Blog Post  so first go to there by this link and and read that how to write user friendly article and seo friendly post easily because it is very important for you if you are blogger. Blogger should read it and if you are surfing on internet so get gppgle chrome tricks form below.

google chrome

Google chrome browser best tips and tricks 2017

google chrome

Best tricks of google chrome

So here I shared best google chrome tricks and tips so read those from below. There are many tricks of google chrome. Here I want to tell you can save the page in google chrome.  Go to the “chrome://flags/#offline-pages-mode” in the address bar. And go to the page that you can find the option of offline page. Click on enable offline page.

Sometime you are browsing something personal and you do not want that another person check your history. But you can make it private. Just simple you need to enable do not track option in your chrome browser. Go to the browser setting and privacy. You can see the option of do not track in there. Just enable it and enjoy it.

If you want to search any words in google chrome browser then you do not need to open a new window. Just press and hold any key for sometime then you can see search box below. Then search there.

Reader mode is the best feature of google chrome. Just go to address bar and type “chrome://flags/#reader-mode-heuristics” and then you can enable reader mode in there. Reader mode is the best for saving the extra data of internet.

If you are working in many tabs and if you want to go to any tab then you do not need to use mouse you can do it by keyboard shortcut key. Just press “CTRL + number of tab ” and then you can go there directly.

Sometime you feel irritate when it is recommended to open google.com in the chrome browser but you can ignore it. You can type keyword directly in address bar and then you can search in google without going on google first. And you can also drag it just press ctrl key and then drag your tab in new window by mouse.

In google chrome you can send email to any of other email address without login in gmail account. Just type mailto:[email protected] in address bar. Just replace [email protected] to your friend email that will receive your mail.

You know you can see saved password of all in google chrome. When you login any of account then chrome browser ask you to save password if you select yes then that email and password will save easily but you know you can also see the saved password. Just go to the setting and click on saved passwords and then you can access saved passwords.

How to use chrome browser as a calculator. Just search in google chrome 50 meters to feet and see the magic. And then chrome calculator will open area, data transfer rate, digital storage, frequency, energy, fuel economy, length mass, plane angle , pressure, speed, temperature, time and volume calculation. Chrome calculator work very fast and it is very easy.  Press ctrl+s and you Can ACCESS the google chrome web store and then you can see many extension easily search which you want to use. If you want to use screen capture then serach capture extension in google chrome web store.

Last words

So friend this is the trick of google chrome browser best tips and tricks 2017  and I hope you enjoyed that. If you want to more information like this then visit our old articles of tips and tricks section. Leave a comment below to discuss any question and you can also contact to us by contact us form. Share this article on social media because sharing is caring. Have a nice day and keep reading and keep visiting on askmepost blog. Good bye.

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