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How to Get High Traffic in Your Blog From Social Media

Hello there and welcome to the AskMePost (you ask I post)blog. Here I want to share best information for but before you read my previous post, 33 Ways to Rank your Blog in First page of Google because I shared latest information about how to get high ranking? In there. Anyway here I want to share how to get high traffic in your blog from social media? Friends it is not easy to get high traffic from social media. But here I want to share some tips about that.

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You know news websites receive everyday 50-60% traffic from social media. Because they are using catchy images and title. Most of posts are goes o viral of news and magazines websites. Many websites like aaj tak, sandesh and any other Indian and world news website get million traffic from social media because they use this trick to get high traffic So why not you tried this? You must try it and I am sure you will get perfect result so here I shared similar information of it that you can see below.

How to get high traffic in your blog from social media

Friends below I shared some topics to get high traffic from social media. There are many peoples in social media so this is the best chance to get argeted traffic from social media In your blog. so you can see how to use social media to  get high traffic in blog.


Use catchy title in your post

Catchy titles get thousands of traffic from social media. Friends always use catchy title. How? I explained it in below:

  • Use number in title like, 33 ways to get high traffic in Google, 99 inspirational quotes for bloggers.
  • Use how, what etc question words in post title.
  • Use popular keyword in post title like hot, cool, cute, beautiful and awesome.
  • Always choose interested topic.

So friends above I shared best tips to make catchy title. if you add catchy title then your post will goes to viral.

Use eye catching images in your post

Friends eye catching images are always do magic. If you will add eye catching images in your post, you should get good response to your post. Use high definition image and related image to your topic. If you want to get more ctr(clicks), you should use awesome image. You can save some free images on you can get free stock photos from that website that you can use commercially in your blog.

Use hashtag(#) when you share your post

If you want that your post goes to viral then you should use hashtag during sharing your post.  You can use popular and related keywords to your hashtag. You can use hashtag in facebook, google plus, linkedin, tumblr, twitter  and also in other social media website.  you can also add more than one hashtag for one share. So friends you can get high traffic from hash tag.

Share your stuff on related places

Friends related places means related pages,groups and communities. You should share your posts in to google plus related communities; facebook related pages and groups because topic is most important in everywhere. If you have cooking blog and you shared your cooking blog posts in shayari groups then no one person will visit your blog. so always share your post on related places on soci media so you will easily get high traffic.

So friends these are the major tips to get high traffic from social media. If you want to more posts like this, visit everyday on this blog. if you do not want to miss any post then you should subscribe ask me post blog by email. You will get mail delivery of every new updates from askmepost blog. for subscribe this blog go to sidebar and enter your email and name and click subscribe, after verification you will subscribe our blog then you will get every new post on your email.


so friends I hope you enjoyed how to get high traffic in your blog from social media? Post, if you want to get more stuffs like this, also visit our previous post. Share this article on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, stumble open, medium, digg, reddit and google plus. please place a comment below for ask any question. Thank you all and have a nice day.

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