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How To Start Your Freelance Writing Career

A career in freelancing may seem a very easy and good option. There are a plenty of magazines and online content available these days where you can launch your career from.

Freelancing has become really efficient these days as the queries can be answered to in a matter of minutes, researching on a topic also does not involve much time. But it is not that many smiles and the sunshine there.

Start Your Freelance Writing Career Now

Freelance Writing Career

The competition in this field is becoming intense by each passing day as more and more people are opting to write.

But whatever the condition be, a freelance writer is a career that you can choose at any time according to your preferences. You can be a full-time writer, a part time writer or you can be something in between them.

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In this article, we will guide you on some points that will help you in launching yourself as a good freelance writer.

  1. Creating expertise

Here expertise does not mean finding the area to work in. Here, we are talking about creating the area and there is a big line of difference in between these two.

Finding your area is an easier task. Finding your area would involve just doing some soul research, thinking and figuring out the topic that you have the most knowledge about and finally writing the articles related to that topic.

However, when we talk about creating the expertise, it means that you choose an area that you are really passionate about and then grow your knowledge and build your expertise around that topic.

This involves building the expertise from the ground up by gaining knowledge about that topic.

What we mean to say here is that you should not write about the things that you are already good at, but that you should select a different area that you want and then become an expert in that particular area.

  1. Begin to Write

There are high chances that no one will like to hire you if you do not have a portfolio of some kind and this is quite acceptable as no one will actually believe that you can write just like that.

So, to begin your career easily into freelance writing you need to have an initial portfolio. The easiest way to get this portfolio, along with some experience, is to start your own website or blog.

This will prove to be helpful for you even if you do not want to become a professional blogger. This is how this can be useful for you:

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  • You can use this blog as a place where the prospective people/ clients can contact you.
  • You will be able to publish the articles according to your area of expertise on this blog. It will act as the samples for your writing skills.
  • There are chances that your blog might get famous and bring attention to your work.
  • You can use it as your business card as well.
  • You can get a huge amount of traffic from people who are searching for freelancer writers by using some SEO skills and practices.

A blog will play a very crucial role in the beginning of your career otherwise without the blog the things might get tough for you. The main advantage of having a blog is that you won’t need a CV or anything to prove that you can write. Your blog will itself say about your writing skills.

  1. Start sharing free articles and advice

The word free seems to be the most powerful word these days. It is a basic human tendency to get something which is free even if they do not need it.

And if the free thing is actually of the use for the people, then they won’t just be able to resist it. So, you can share free articles and advice to the people as these days people need them a lot.

By free articles, we mean the guest posts and comments. However, giving free advice is a lot easier. You can just select your target, observe what they are doing and then simply just email them regarding some tips on how they can improve the things. The tips you send them depends upon the niche that you are into.

Sharing these free articles and advice will prove to be very beneficial as people generally want to return the favor if someone does something good for them.

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  1. Contacting your sources

If you are even the slightest bit active on social media, then you would most probably have some online friends or business partners who can help you in setting things up. Simply sending them an email notifying that you are now available and ready to take new freelance clients might get things going for you.

But remember to not make the mail, a hire my mail. Keep the focus of the mail on providing some information about your writing and services.

  1. Responding actively to the job offers

You might not believe it, but responding to the job offers actively will not only get you individual sites that pay you well but it might also get you a full-time job. You can approach various sites such as ProBlogger, Craiglist etc. and find some interesting projects.

While sending your offer, do remember to mention about your website or blog and the articles that you have published on the internet till date. Once someone notices that you are a well-published writer having your publications on some major websites then they won’t ask you for your CV.

  1. Creating a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the best source for creating professional contacts through a social network. If you list yourself as a freelance writer on your LinkedIn profile, then it will become easier for the clients to search you and contact you.

You can also create a hire me page on your website which will help you in finding some great offers. Do not forget to mention your best articles and area of expertise there. You can also add your references if you want to.

Final Conclusion:

It is true that every writer is different in his or her own way and no particular business plan can work for everyone. But the most successful writers are the ones that do not give up learning new things to make their hard work pay off.

I hope this article will guide you in proceeding in some way towards making a career in freelance writing.

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