What is The Fred Google Algorithm Update

Hi friends and welcome to the askmepost blog ( you ask i post ) and today i want to share very interesting update. So today i want to discuss topic of what is the fred Google algorithm update So keep reading carefully. In  my previous article i shared How to Start Video Calling From Whatsapp and i hope you enjoyed that post because there is the super information for whatsapp user. Today everyone wants video calling in whatsapp. Wahtsapp is the most popular social media after facebook and launched many features in their application. You can access vip features.


In this post i will discuss about Google new algorithm and if you are professional blogger then you should know about all new updates of google. Google is the platform for blogger, publisher and audience and advertiser there all are connected each other and helps each other. During 8 march google started the filter and many blogger are lost their blog especially event blogger because without spamming and keyword stuffing event blogging is impossible d event blogging is very risky.

What is the fred Google algorithm update


Information about new update of Google algorithm

In event based blogging spamming is very important but sometime Google run the filter any many bloggers trapped in it. So you need to be careful if you are doing event based blogging or spamming because this is time save your blog. Everybody knows that without any mistake Google cannot penalize you. You need to keep hard work and smart work but that does not mean thet you are superman because all thing is have an limit so don’t cross limit.

If you cross the limit then the penalization chances will increase. Penalization is the very difficult time and when it will come then blogger crying because sometime you will loss all rankings and al ranked keyword and then you can not recover it.

You need to increase your knowledge about search console becuse there are have many tools that help you a lot during penalization period.

Anyway if you want to prevent your blog from penalization then you should follow this steps:

  • Do not spam in any web site and if you are commenting then always do quality comment.
  • Do no add your link that website where have more links.
  • Follow link variation rule you need to make all types of links like web 2.0 , forum posting , directories , guest posting and social not only commenting.
  • Link variation is also apply in dofollow links and no follow links and you should have both links equal.
  • Do not copy image or text of any website.
  • Keyword stuffing is the another type of spamming so google panda can attack on your blog also do not add many links in one page.
  • Do not add bad and low quality links in your page.


So these are the basic information that you must follow.

Google penguin is the working on your off page optimization factor and google panda is robot that work on your content. So this two robots of google are works on google algorithm and if yu will break any rule then they attack on you.

You are not a spiderman that you can out from trap you need care about your blog. Anyway if your are regular reader of this blog then you need to subscribe this blog. Go to sidebar rand enter your name and email address then click on subscribe after that you will receive the mail and just click on verification link and then  you will receive  all latest updates and new post on your mail. If you do not want it then you can also unsubscribe it.


so friends this is the information what is the fred Google algorithm update and i hope you enjoyed that. Share this article on social media like facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , dig , stumble open , medium , tumblr , pinterest and google plus.  Leave a comment below to ask any question or discuss any topic. You can also use contact us form from below. By the way keep visiting and keep reading. Have a nice day.

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