Blogger vs WordPress Which One is Better for Blogging

Friends welcome to the AskMePost (you ask I post) blog. Today I want to teach you Blogger vs wordpress which one is better for blogging. In previous post I shared Top Best Search Engines in The World 2016 Edition. And I hope you was like it. Blogging is like a sea, if you fall in it then you will be stolen. Anyway here I want to share difference between blogger and wordpress.

Blogger VS WordPress

Blogging is the very best option for students and other government employee.  They can start a best blog for their own interest. According to lee odden, “A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” so it is best inspirational quotes from this famous blogger.

blogger vs wordpress which one is better for blogging


what is blogger[blogspot]

blogger is the platform for blogging powered by Google. It is most popular platform. You can start free blog from blogger.com. You should have gmail account for access the blogger account. It is most easy platform for newbie.

There many templates available for blogspot blog. You can edit it by HTML and CSS. You can monetize your blog by adsense directly. If you are from India then you should wait 6 month for apply to adsense. if you buy domain then  you can apply immediately to adsense.

What is wordpress[WP]

WordPress is an open source EMS and free blogging platform. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world. You can control everything by plugins. If you are expert in php then you can also develop blog without plugin. There are two types of wordpress one is a wordpress.com and other is a wordpress.org. you can install widget in hosting capnel.

Difference between blogspot and wordpress

Friends see below detailed information about wp and blogspot:

  • Blogspot(blogger) is a free blogging platform
  • WordPress.com is the free blogging platform and also wordpress.org is a free but you need by hosting for install it as a widget in capanel.
  • Blogspot is the best fro new bloggers. But you have not own control of all over blog. Because Google can remove your blog for any violation.
  • In wordpress you have your own control in all blog. you can also track invalid adsense clicks and spam traffic by plugin and php scripts.
  • Blogger is the most easy and seo friendly platform.
  • WordPress is also easy and seo friendly platform. Na dif you use any seo plugin like yoast seo then it is more powerful seo then bloogger and other platform.
  • WordPress permalink is more seo friendly then blogger.
  • There no bandwidth limit and ram because it’s all free in bloggr.
  • In wordpress you can design your blog more professionally than blogspot.
  • If you are new then you should use blogger then you can go to wordpress after some time.
  • There more facilities available in wordpress than blogger.

So friends these is the different between wp and blogspot. If you are newbie then you should use blogger platform and then after sometime you can shift to wordpress.

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