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How to Block Any Friends in Whatsapp – Detailed Guide

Hello there and welcome back to askmepost ( you ask i post ) and here i gathered information about how to block any friends in whatsapp and in my previous article i shared Apply Credit Card Online Instant Approval Tutorial | Credit Card Offers so first you need to go there by this link. So this is the trick of instant approval process of any credit card.  So read carefully that post so you can easily apply it and you should know benefits of credit card it is postpaid service and you can also shop by credit card on EMI even if you don’t have money.


By the way after you read that post then come here and read this post too because this is also most important post for you if you are whatsapp user. Today whatsapp is the second most used social networking site after facebook.so if you are whatsapp user then read this post carefully. Today many people facing irritating and spamming from other users so if you are scared then don’t think and worry about it because this post only for you.

how to block any friends in whatsapp- detailed guide


process to block any whatsapp friend

so whatsapp block mean you can block useless friends, messages and status. For example someone irritating you thorough messaging or calling so that difficult situation for you s that time whatsapp block help you. If someone using bad language or else someone flirting your girlfriend or sister then that time this feature is prove most important.

If you will block someone then he / she cannot message you in future and cannot find in whatsapp all are hide from his / her. Anyway here is the step by step process so follow it:

Step 1 : –  first you need to open whatsapp and login.

Step 2 : – then click on wahtsapp menu and you can see the settings there.

Step 3 : – click on three dotes on right sidebar.

Step 4 : – click on setting option.

Step 5 : – now click on number 3 option and then click on privacy option

Step 6 : – now click on blocked contact:2

Step 7 : – now you can see the blocked list. ( if you previously blocked anyone then you can see them in here )

Step 8 : – now in above click on plus sign +

Step 9 : – so no select that contact which you want to block. Select carefully because this is the one click block process.

So friends this is the simple and very easy tutorial to block someone today many people know about it but still not know someone about it so this tutorial i shared for those who don’t know about it because daily many users are joining whatsapp so that type of users can get a more help from this article.

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dear friends this is the tutorial of how to block any friends in whatsapp and i hope you understand it. Leave the comment below to know more about it and you can also contact us. You can find the contact us link below. Visit there and contact us with your details. Share this article on social media and you can use facebook , whatsapp , twitter , instagram , linkedin , reddit , digg , stubmle open , medium , pinterest , tumblr and google plus. Thank you all visitors and readers keep visiting and keep reading. Have a nice day good bye.

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