Top 5 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers [Fast Approval]

Are you having a low traffic blog because you are a new blogger and want to earn more? Then for sure, this article is only for you because we are going to tell you about how you can earn from best ad network for bloggers. With the help of the ad network, you can earn more and we are going to tell you all those best ad networks for blogs companies which are very friendly to new bloggers.

Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

best ad network for bloggers

Adsense is one of the great ad platforms because of the quality of their ads, but it has one major drawback and that is “getting Adsense approval”. Even though the “6month-old domain” requirement is a myth, not everybody is lucky as this guy to get instant Adsense approval. They don’t need only unique content for the approval.  They want to see many other factors more in your content before giving your site the thumbs up.

But, on the other hand, there is so many other top ad network for blogger, but few companies are not so good.

But, in this article, we have outlined 5 trustworthy and reliable best ad networks for the small publisher which you can use right now to monetize your blog.

Top 5 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers

So guys here we have listed top best and trustable ad networks for new bloggers who want make money without Google Adsense. So without wasting anytime let’s dig into this post.


PopAds is a premium pop ad network.

PopAds is basically for the small publisher which is really beneficiary for them because they don’t want any minimum traffic requirement.

PopAds started in the 2010 year and promise to offer 100 fill rates. They permit all types of blogs, except illegal ones, Porn Sites and other “adult” related content. When you sign up on this advertisement network, they do auto setup withdrawal option. So from this way, you will get paid automatically once you reach the minimum payout threshold. Approval procedure on PopAds is so instant and this is the only thing which makes a blogger happy.

There are some pros and cons of PopAds which are mentioned below:

Pros of PopAds:

  1. It provides High CPM rates when compared to other networks
  2. It doesn’t require any minimum traffic
  3. It provides $5 payout which is minimum
  4. It provides Auto money withdrawal

Cons of PopAds:

  1. The only available payment mode is PayPal, Payoneer

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is very different Ad network when it is compared to the other ad networks list.

It won’t pay you anything for clicks or impressions. They pay only when a click has turned to action. Let us take an example, if advertisers need user information, they advertise using Revenue Hits.

When the publisher puts the ad code on his/her blog. When a visitor comes and click on the ad and gives his/her name and email to the advertiser then the publisher will get paid you:

  • They paid $10-$50 per action
  • The minimum payout is $50
  • They pay via PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfer

We noticed so many publishers who are making $10-$100 per day by using this best mobile ad network.

Now, we are going to discuss all the pros and cons of Revenue hit

Pros of Revenue Hits:

  1. It provides very high CPA rates
  2. It provides good minimum payout when compared to another ad network like Adsense
  3. It is a Good Supporter
  4. It provides Instant activation

Cons of Revenue Hits:

  1. They only pay for the action. They don’t use CPC or CPM methods.


Bidvertiser started in 2002, it is one of the oldest ad networks.

They offer a huge range of ad formats.

  • More ad formats mean more money, more ads, more clicks.

They provide minimum payout $10 by PayPal, $20 by cheque and $50 by bank transfer

Pros and cons of Bidvertiser

Pros of Bidvertiser

  1. The minimum payout is very low
  2. They offer a lot of ad formats.

Cons of Bidvertiser

  1. They are not so high-quality ads.
  2. Sometime phone users will be redirected to the app/play store which is seriously so irritating
  3. The interface looks old and dated
  4. The earning is very low on this Ad network
  5. You can get money through PayPal, Payza, and cheque only.


Chitika still one of the top Adsense alternatives.

But due to advancement in technology, many other ad network companies have replaced Chitika.

But, still it has one thing which is same and that is Chitika is popular among new bloggers.

It is popular among New blogger because of these reasons which given below:

  • Low minimum payout ($10 by PayPal)
  • Easy to use interface
  • No minimum traffic requirement

One thing about Chitika is very important which should you know and that is it really only works if you have search traffic. If you don’t have Search traffic then don’t use Chitika.

Pros and cons of Chitika, which are mentioned below:

Pros of Chitika:

  1. No minimum traffic requirement
  2. Good support for both publishers and advertisers

Cons of Chitika:

  1. Chitika works on a no- tolerance policy. If you did any invalid click then you will permanently ban from Chitika.
  2. Chitika only monetizes search traffic
  3. It takes some time to get an approval or rejection decision
  4. Not the top ad networks 2017 for making money.


Infolinks is also a very popular ad program which is also a very newbie blogger friendly. Infolinks offers you many types of ad and it is popularly known for their in-text ads. Have a look on Pros and Cons of Infolinks

Pros of Infolinks:

  1. Trusted advertising network company
  2. Timely Payouts

Cons of Infolinks:

  • The Minmum payout is $50


So, Our Lovable Users, after reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of top 5 ad network companies for the new bloggers.

Thank you for staying with us till here. We are trying our best to provide you all the top 5 ad network companies for the new blogger. We hope that this content will be helpful for you because we try to give you all the information as much as we can.

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