5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Always Doing New Bloggers

It is recommended to read our previous post 4 hidden features of whatsapp video calling. And today I want to share 5 biggest blogging mistakes that always doing new bloggers. I have a first question for you, why are you started blogging? If you have good answer and you know blogging real meaning then you will success but some people doing blogging for money. So I have a message for those peoples in this post.

In 2016 many bloggers are fall in inactivity of traffic. So they left blogging. Why 90% bloggers are failing in blogging? I have an answer for you because many peoples are doing blogging for money and not focus on smart work and hard work.  Waiting is also part of blogging because If you are patience then you will get success.

5 biggest blogging mistakes that always doing new bloggers


New blogger Using blogging, as a Money generator machine

I told you that blogging is not a money generator machine. You should start blogging for passion. 90% success bloggers are passionate blogger. Many peoples worked hard since two years or four years and then they got a success. So in blogging please be patience. And always thought that blogging is a not income generator machine.

Blogging is also risky. If you do over activity then your blog may banned otherwise you can lost your adsense account. So every search engine is have an own control and do not forget it.

New blogger Avoiding backlinks and social signals

Are you posting regularly but not working on off page optimization so that is biggest mistake of you. If you will generate daily twenty plus high quality links for your blog post and share daily on social media then you should get traffic on your blog. So do not avoid it because it is most important factor in blogging and seo.   You should join all social media like facebook, pinterest, google plus, tumblr, medium, stumble open and linkedin because these are the high authority social media platforms so your post gets high rank.

Also find related website to your niche and start commenting on that blog and start guest posting. You can also build web 2.0 and you can try three tired link building and two tired link building because it is advance ultimate off page optimization that you can not avoid.

New bloggers not posting regularly

Google like regularly updated blog because Google want to provide fresh information to its users. So if you will update your blog regularly, you get high rank in short time in google. Many peoples are not regular so they will not get any traffic from google. Google check your activity daily.

If you post regularly Google bot crawl your post fast than other blog. Also your blog will be biggest blog because if you are posting daily 3 posts so you can get 500 posts within 6 month and you know 500 plus posts blog is a biggest blog. More keywords are more beneficial. So if you are new then post daily two or three post regularly.

New bloggers not writing SEO friendly posts

Seo friendly post writing is the most important factor in blogging. Many new bloggers don’t know seo so they can not write seo friendly post. Keyword optimization is most important. You need to search well keyword and post it to your article in right places.

You should use h1, h2 and h3 if needed. Also write search description and add a keyword in permalink(post link).  Your post title should have minimum 55 characters and if possible then enter number and special character in post title. Always use related keywords in your post. So it is basic guide of seo friendly post optimization.

Newbie Not select exact niche

Are you working on any niche or targeting a to z topics? If you are covering a to z topics then you are going in wrong way.  Exact single niche blog performing well then multi niche blog because multi niche blog covering many topics. If you are working on single niche then google give you authority fast and in short time. And single niche blog is also good for money making like affiliate and adsense. adsense only show relevant ads to your content. So you should remember it.

So friends these are the five biggest blogging mistakes and its solutions. Please bookmark this post for understand better. You can subscribe our blog by email. Just enter your mail and click subscribe.


So friends I have shared 5 biggest blogging mistakes that always doing new bloggers. If you like this post then please makes a comment below. Please share this article on social media. Good bye and have a nice day.

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