5 Best Websites to Check Blog/Website Speed

Hello there and welcome to the AskmMePost(you ask I post) blog. In previous post I discussed about, Best High CPC Keyword for Google Adsense 2016 and I know you are enjoyed high paying keywords. Today I want to share 5 Best Websites to Check Blog/Website Speed. You can check and increase your blog speed also. If your site will open in 4 second then it is good for seo. Because google like fast loading blog and websites. if you are blog open fast then you will rank easily in serp. So friends according to that you can think this is important factor for every bloggers and website owner also.

Website speed

Webpage speed is also part of search engine optimization. you should optimize your images and jss, php scripts to reduce loading time of your blog or website. Here I want to share best and top websites to check or test your blog/website speed. You can check you website aur blog speed in second. So let’s start the tutorial.

5 Best Websites to Check Blog/Website Speed


1. Tools.pingdom.com

This is the best and perfect testing tool for website or blog. Just enter your domain in the URL box and then choose test from then click start test. Now you can see performance grade, load time, faster than, page size, requests etc. you can check below performance insights and grade and suggestion. Check suggestion for your site and then it is help you to reduce loading time. Now you can also share result on social media of your website/blog.

2. Gtmetrix.com

Dear friends this is also best speed test in the world. It is more helpful than other because here you can see problem and gtmetrix help you to solve your blog’s problem. And it is also easy way to reduce loading time of you blog or website. just enter the URL in to box and click analyze. After some second you can see report of your website/blog. You can see page speed score, yslow score, page load time, total page size and requests. You can also see the error detail with grade, priority and type. You can see helpful suggestion after click on it.

3. Page speed insights

Page speed insights is powered by Google. You can also check mobile pages. Here you need to enter a url in to blank box then click analyze. Then you can see the result for mobile and desktop. If your site need to some changes like image optimization and g-zip compression and CDN then you can see its detail in below. So it is also best speed test on internet that you can try for your website or blog.

4. Webpagetest.org

It is also popular url speed test on internet. Enter a website url and click start test option and then you can see the result of your website.  now you can see first view, repeat view and content break down. So it is different website speed checker then other.

5. Tools.keycd.com

This is also great tools to check any web page speed. Add your url, select location and then click run. After you click you will see the result of your webpage. You can see all images links and other links with loading time.

So friends these are the list of website speed test tools. You need to check your website or blog on all these speed checking tools so you can see which results are true.

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So friends you learned about, 5 Best Websites to Check Blog/Website Speed. If you want to add more tools information like this, please make a comment below. So our readers can get help from it more. Anyway please share this article on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, linkedin, tumblr, pinterest, stumble open, medium, dig, reddit and google plus. thank you all readers and have a wonderful day.

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