5 Best Blogger (Blogspot) Tools That you Should Know

Hello there and welcome back to the AskMePost(You ask I get) Blog. In previous post I shared Top Best Image Editing Software List 2017 | Best Photo Editing Software. And I hope you enjoyed that post. And here I want to share 5 Best Blogger (Blogspot) tools that you should know. There are many bloggers don’t know about blogspot features. There are many awesome features available in Blogger platform. You can also get best SEO facility in free. Blogger deliver your post on every social media like facebook, twitter, pinterest and Google plus. If you are regular reader of AskMepost then you should know that I was shared about Google plus is the most important for rank your blog higher.

Blogger tools

5 Best Blogger (Blogspot) tools that you should know

Write in Hindi or other country language

Yes it is true. If you want to write in hindi language or other country language then you can write in to poast area. Just go to your post and then you can find option of your langauge in above right side in the menubar. If you are from any specific country like pakistan then you can also write in urdu. If you are from india then you can write in hindi. So it is most beautiful feature.

Multi authors and contributors Blogging

Yes you should know about it. In wordpress you can add moderator, contributor and author and also admin but you know that facility also available in blogspot blogging platform. Just you want to make some settign then you can add new author and contributor in a second. Follow below steps for more information:

Step 1:- go to setting

Step 2:- no go to Basic setting and then you can see permission option.

Step 3:- In permission you can see blog authors option.


Step 4:- now click add authors and enter the email of that person who want to add.

(remember:- do not copy past email address. You should type email address for add author)

Step 5:- now clik add author then you can see pending status. Tell your friend to accept your invitaion into mail box. After your friend accept your invitation then your contributor is ready.

Contributor (author) can access only post area. He/she can not edit your post.  He/she can remove his/her account. If you want to make admin then that option available in blog author area.

Google + comment box

Google + comment box is the good for traffic andalso it is help to your post goes to viral but you have not own better control then blogger commnet. though you want to add google plus comment box then follow below instruction:

Step 1:- go to setting and click posts, comments and sharing option.


Step 2:- now in google + comments select use google + comments on this blog “yes” and then save the setting

That’s it….

Jump break and smiley


If you want to set all articles like a time line and new site then jump break feature help you to do that. Just insert a jump break after first paragraph and first image. Just click jum break icon in th e above menubar. Beside jump break icon you can find smiley option that you can add your smiley in the post.

Remove formatting and spelling checker

Remove formatting and spelling checker

Yes remove formatting is the greatest feature also you can remove formating of any words. Just select text which you want to clear formatting then click remove formatting icon in the above menubar area. You can remove bold italic and underlined format and colors etc.

Speeling checker is the another greatest graer feature in blogpot platform. Click on spelling checker option and then you can see highlighted text which spelling is wrong.

So friends these are the details of blogspot ( blogger ) Blogging platform features. In future we will share more interested information about blogspot. So please subscribe our blog for get latest updates and new post as a newsletter.


So friends 5 Best Blogger (Blogspot) tools that you should know. If you want to know more information about it then past a comment below and please share this article on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram, linkedin, tumblr, pinterest, stumble open, medium, digg, reddit and google plus. Thank you all visitors and readers and have a nice day.

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