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4 Hidden Features of Whatsapp Video Calling That You Don’t Know

Hi there! And welcome to the askmepost (you ask I post) blog. in previous post I shared Seoprofiler review 2017 | how to to start link building go there and read that post because I shared very important information at there so don’t forget to read it. And this time I want to share 4 best hidden features of whatsapp video calling. Whatsapp is famous social media after facebook. And every android user has a whatsapp. And some people use it as a recommended program. You know whatsapp video calling feature is the most used feature after voice calling.  Whatsapp also launched duo.  I will share duo detail in our upcoming post.


Whatsapp launch feature day by day. Like 2 step verification, video calling and video playing etc. features are launched because whatsapp is very popular social media after facebook.  Many of the safety features for their users WhatsApp launched.  There are many hidden features in whatsapp but I want to share hidden features of whatsapp video calling that you can use in whatsapp video calling new feature.

WhatsApp video calling lets you place a video call to anyone using WhatsApp. Video calling is only available to users who are on Android OS 4.1+. If your system OS is not supported, video calling will not be available to you. Make sure you have a strong network connection when placing or receiving video calls. A poor or improperly configured connection may result in poor video and audio quality. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, your video call quality is dependent on your wireless network signal and your network data speed.

4 hidden features of whatsapp video calling

Here are the best video calling features available for you. These hidden features are best for video calling so read below for more detail. When someone video calls to you, you will see an incoming WhatsApp video call on screen. You can slide the green button to answer the video call, or slide the red button to decline the video call. Alternatively, you can tap on the message icon on the video call screen to decline the video call with a quick message. So it’s all information provided in below.

It is to use. If you are using simple mobile and using calling facility then it is easy to understand you.


Hidden video calling option

How to find Hidden video calling icon? Many people confused about that. While whatsapp launched video calling, many people don’t know how to do video calling. But I have answer for you when you start a call you can see two options one is a voice calling and other is a video calling.

DND Service in video calling

whatsapp shared information in video calling feature, do not disturb service available in whatsapp video calling feature. You can send a message to a caller. You can’t take phone that you do not want.  So it is also amazing feature. DND service is like Mobile calling. In prepaid of any company you can stop and start do not disturb service by customer care so it is also similar program like whatsapp messenger.

Calling with message

You all know that you can start chatting with a voice calling. Same facilities are available in whatsapp video calling. So it is an amazing chat and message facility with whatsapp video calling. Skype is also best for these types of facilities. But whatsap is easy to use so many people much like whatsapp than skype. Some time ago whatsapp launched voice calling feature with with chat. So now it is available for video calling also. So whatsapp make updates in short time regularly.

Video calling mute pose feature

This is feature is most popular feature among whtsapp users. If you are busy and call is important for you then you can mute and pos a call. So you can call during working. You know holding call in mobile calling? If yes, then you can understand easily that.

So friends these are the four hidden features of whatsapp video calling that you don’t know. If you know that then it is the best for you. You can get more information of whatsapp in whatsapp official website and blog. You may also check latest updates of whatsapp news on there. Like new features and service. And you can also check latest features updates at here. So remember it.


So friends I posted great information of 4 hidden features of whatsapp video calling. So I hope you liked it. If you want to get more information like these visit everyday of askmepost blog. Please comment below because you ask then I will post. And please share this article on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linkedin, instagram, pinterest, tumblrand google plus.

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