33 Ways to Rank your Blog in First page of Google

Friends welcome to the AskMePost(you ask I post) blog. In previous post I shared How to Play 5 to 6 Videos in One Time in Android Mobile and this time I want to share a best post for your blog. If you want to rank your blog on first page, you should follow below steps for good ranking. So today I want to share 33 Ways to Rank your Blog in First page of Google. So read carefully.


Seo means search engine optimization. On page optimization and off page page optimization is the most important factor of seo. There are also two types of seo good and bad, black hat seo and white hat seo. So seo is the only that you can get high traffic. So I have covered very good information about seo in below. Check below.

33 Ways to Rank your Blog in First page of Google


  1. Always write high quality content in your blog.
  2. Create single niche blog because multi niche blog can’t rank better than niche blog.
  3. Always post Regularly on time. Post daily 2-3 high quality articles regularly.
  4. Always write unique and new post for your readers.
  5. Add anchor text of your related old posts in your new post.
  6. Comment other blog which one related to your topic.
  7. Add nofollow and dofollow comment in related blogs to your blog.
  8. Write guest post in other high quality blog which related to your blog.
  9. Share your own created photo on photos site and always add you blog link in photo.
  10. If you are developer then create a website or blog theme and add your blog link with anchor text in footer credit link. You will get high quality backlinks.
  11. Develop android app for your website.
  12. Share your Post on Facebook.
  13. Share your post on Stumble open.
  14. Share your blog post on Medium.
  15. Share your article on Google plus.
  16. Add Pin button on every images of your blog and also share every post on pinterest. Do not forget linkedin, instagram, whatsapp and twitter
  17. Create a blog on Tumblr and share your blog post in there.
  18. Create web 2.0 by Blogger, wordpress, tumblr, drupal and joomla and link your blog posts in web 2.0 posts.
  19. Find expired tumblr blog and create new blog on that username then build a link with some posts of web 2.0,
  20. Find wikipedia expired pages and then create your post on it then link your blog.
  21. Start forum posting on popular forums.
  22. Start Directory submission, guest post and social bookmarking.
  23. Mention other blogs in your blogs then other blogger also mention your blog.
  24. Write success story and motivational stories in your blog.
  25. Update your old posts.
  26. Build links in your competitors backlinks so you can get high rank on your competitors’ keyword.
  27. Always research keyword on semrush and google keyword planner for better result and then place low quality+high search volume keyword in your posts.
  28. Write catchy title and also use number in your post title.
  29. Always use catchy and related images in your posts.
  30. Write more than 2,000 word article for get high rank in google.
  31. Always write fully seo optimized post for better ranking.
  32. Mention high trusted and high authority blog and websites in your blog posts.

33.Write user friendly articles also.

So friends these are 33 best tips to rank your blog in top 10 results in google. If you have more ideas like this, place a comment below.

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So friends I shared33 Ways to Rank your Blog in First page of Google. If you have any question about this information, just place a comment below and please share this article on social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, instagram, tumblr. Stumble open, medium and goggle plus. thank you all readers and have a nice day. keep visiting AskMePost (you ask I post) blog.

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